In conversation with Prof. RV on Rajni’s entry into Politics

In conversation with Prof. RV on Rajni's entry into Politics

A free wheeling discussion with Prof. R Vaidyanathan on the entry of Rajnikanth into politics, its implications for Tamil Nadu.

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  1. Just a correctionSri Iyer, Jayalalitha was not a Kannadiga. She was a tamilian, it was her father Jayaraman happened to be from Mysore. I have heard that E.V. Ramasamy Niacker ‘Periyar’ of the D.K movement is a Kannadiga.

  2. Well…. Did rajni really talk about Krishna and Geetha….
    If rajni has come as a Hindu then his entry is harmless…. Otherwise we will have to think again…(there are a lot of conversions in cinema industry)


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