Rakesh Kaul on killing of Sarpanch Ajay Pandita who went back home & was elected by the majority

When a new org takes birth from the fount of terrorism that Pakistan is breeding, its statement often is killing someone who is trying to create history, says Rakesh Kaul. This was a message to every returning KP - this is your fate. High time GOI implemented Dr. Swamy's formula to settle 10L ex-servicemen in the valley.


  1. There is countywide sympathy for the Kashmiris and this can be changed with a compulsory national service stint for youths. If there’s a constant presence of 4000 young people from throughout India doing coursework in Kashmir, their parents and family will definitely have a stake in the security situation there.

  2. The best and exact way to correct the situation is to probe bring to book all those assassins from the time of Independance till date, if they are still alive, just like they are doing with the criminals of anti-Sikh riots. Then only the confidence of the culprits they can escape with impunity will be broken and peace will be restored. This is not a witch hunting of the things of the past but doing justice to sufferers of crimes. I endorse fully the views expressed and suggestions made in the discussion. But in the last, I feel that instead of depending on Govt. to provide them security, the Kashmere Hindus should imbibe the warrior spirit and try to defend themselves to some extant.


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