Unabated violence against Hindus in Bangladesh can be solved in this way, says Sree Iyer

A spate of attacks on the Bangladeshi Hindus can only be addressed by redrawing borders and population exchange, says Sree Iyer. In 1947, 32 percent of what is Bangladesh today, was Hindu. Act before it is too late, exhorts Sree Iyer.

Former Governor of Meghalaya, Tathagata Roy tweeted as follows:

Civilized world, please take notice! Bangladesh is a country with a 92% Muslim and 8% Hindu population with a handful of Buddhists and Christians. The main festival of Hindus is Durga Puja, usually celebrated in October. This year someone floated a rumour that the organizers of one Durga Puja had placed a Quran at the feet of an idol and thereby desecrated it[1]. The rumour spread like lightning throughout the country and resulted in the majority of Muslims desecrating Durga idols, and widespread vandalism[2]. A few Hindus have been killed. What is the truth?

The Hindus of Bangladesh are a beleaguered and scared lot and could not imagine desecrating any Islamic scripture. Yet it is the standard modus operandi of radical groups to spread such rumours and use them as excuses for persecuting and brutalizing Hindus. The police usually look the other way and begin to act only after most of the damage has been done. Most Bengali-speaking Hindus of India, first cousins of Bangladeshi Hindus, are supremely callous. The victims are therefore looking at the international community for help.

What was the reason for the attacks?

What was the slogan of Muslims in Bangladesh after what they did to Hindus during Durga Puja? — Asche bochhor aabar habe – meaning Next year will happen again!!! Originally, it’s a slogan of Bengalis on the day of visarjan of Ma Durga. But then Muslims are going to use it until every single Hindu is exterminated from Bangladesh 🇧🇩 like it has happened in Afghanistan 🇦🇫 already and almost completed in Pakistan 🇵🇰.

To expect the Bangladesh government to ensure the safety of its minorities is a pipe dream. India has to act – no other country will. India must demand and get back land north of a line connecting Malda to Sylhet (almost a straight line)[3]. Then India should do a population transfer of all Hindus stuck in the remaining part of Bangladesh with Muslims staying illegally in India. A process that can be orderly and conducted with precision (like-value-exchange).

A few years ago, pockets of Bangladesh property in India and vice-versa, because of the way the kingdom of Cooch-Behar was located was done [4]. So, it is possible to do this in a smooth, efficient way. What is required is political will and the desire of all Sanatanis to demand that they be protected, wherever they are, in the world. This is the Sanatani way.


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