Removal of Article 370 paves way for Kashmiriyat

With article 370 gone, we hope and pray that Kashmir regains the status of spiritual excellence. It’s time to protect the real Kashmiriyat

Removal of Article 370 paves way for Kashmiriyat
Removal of Article 370 paves way for Kashmiriyat

Article 370 had ensured their success in that the Kashmir was ruled as per medieval exploitative Islamic laws, rather than the laws of vibrant India.

Article 370 removal has come as a breath of fresh air for Kashmir. It seems that finally after 70 years of wait, Kashmir had the first gasp of fresh air. The power-hungry dynasties of Abdullahs, Muftis and Gandhis had stifled the very nature of Kashmir. These families controlled the government, stifled democracy and did massive corruption by spreading fear that Islam is in danger in Kashmir. In addition, these families took help of ever-ready Pakistan to introduce Islamic Terrorism in Kashmir. Since 1947, Pakistan has always been the aggressor against India because they assume themselves to be the representatives of Islamic invaders like Muhammad Bin Qasim and Ghaznavi. They fail to realize that Qasims actually forcibly converted them to Muslims in the first place. After gaining land from India in 1947, their Islamic ideals have emboldened them to get the rest of the land of India until the Islamic conquest of India is complete. Article 370 helped Pakistan to continue to bleed India through Islamic terrorism. This ideology of Pakistan needs to be addressed in an ideological and military way as deemed necessary. Pakistan’s rulers are still following a medieval Islamic ideology against all non-Muslims or Kafirs.

The article 370 had ensured their success in that the Kashmir was ruled as per medieval exploitative Islamic laws, rather than the laws of vibrant India. Minorities such as Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs were not allowed to have any say in politics by the corrupt Islamic appeasers. Voting rights of millions of non-Muslims were taken away to keep power in the hands of few corrupt Muslim politicians in the garb of protecting Islam and Islamic demography. The hatred against the rest of India was purposely sown to appease the larger Islamic Ummah. For Islamic faith leaders from Pakistan, India is still their unfinished Islamic conquest. Their hatred against Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and other religious communities comes from their scriptures who label these non-Muslim communities as Kafirs.

In democratic countries, their ideological war and hate campaigns are carried out through media outlets, academic institutions and international bodies.

Historically, The word Kashmir comes from the Sanskrit words Kashyap Mira (कश्यप मीर). Kashmir mention is also found in Mahabharata. It’s a very old name of that land, and it’s historically linked to the Hindu faith. Many sacred religious places of Hinduism and Buddhism are present in Kashmir. Islam arrived as an invader to Kashmir and they sort of succeeded due to Partition of India which was itself a strategic blunder by the then political leadership of India. Kashmir is a classical case to understand the process of Islamic conquest. The original culture of Kashmir is a deeply spiritual one inspired by teachings from Hinduism & Buddhism, whose followers have historically used Kashmir as a place of meditation and health.

The complete process of Islamic conquest is divided into three separate sections. These terms were devised to complete Muslim conquests in the Levant and were extensively used 100 years after Muhammad’s death by Abu Hanifa, Abu Yusuf, and Al Shaybani. All non-Muslim democratic societies need to understand these terms.

  • Dar Al Harb – Territory of war, where the current Islamic conquest is going on against Kafirs or non-Muslims. In this phase, most followers of Islam are advised to make friends with Kafirs or non-Muslims when they are in a minority. In this phase, all kafirs are coerced forcibly or taxed or threatened to convert or die.
  • Dar Al Sulh – Territory of Agreement, where the current Islamic community has entered into a treaty with Kafirs to practice their faith. This is the phase in which non-Muslim government has agreed to provide a safe sanctuary to an Islamic community only until that time when Muslims achieve their third phase
  • Dar Al Islam – Territory of Islam, where Islam is the only faith and rulers of that land are Islamic surrounded by Islamic countries. In this stage, all residents must be Muslims and there shouldn’t be any non-Muslims in that land.

The above strategies have been used against all non-Muslim territories where Islam went and therefore the resentment against any form of Islamic rule is very high even in conquered Islamic countries. Countries such as Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen are experiencing a high degree of revolt against Islamic rule for some time now as more and more people are realizing that they have been suppressed and conquered. The freedom for open ideas is elusive in those lands because of the very nature of their belief system.

Even though the physical Islamic conquest wars have ended, their belief system has ensured that these wars are continued to be fought on Social media, websites, through fake pictures and victimhood. Specific terms have been frequently used to claim victimhood and defensive offence to gain public support to continue their Islamic conquest in the west and all other non-Muslim countries especially where democracy is the form of government. Demographic subversion is their newest Islamic conquest strategy to achieve its objectives of Dar Al Islam.

For the world to become peaceful, the international non-Muslim community must understand these Islamic conquest strategies for the last 1400 years. For Muslims, the conquest is still going on until the whole world surrenders to their faith. Some of their current campaign strategies to achieve their Islamic strategic goals are the following:

  • Islamophobia: a term invented by French and British academicians and is used to silence any open questioning by non-Muslims. Everyone questioning them is called Islamophobic.
  • Racism: This term is being extensively used against all non-Muslims to silence any questioning
  • Victimhood: Most Islamic journalists and media outlets regularly claim only Muslims to be the victims without going into the depth of any conflict. Kashmir issue has been highlighted by Islamic media, as a Muslim rights issue without even understanding that Muslims are the aggressors against Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists in that region. This is usually done to rally support and create fear in the Muslim community.
  • Hate: Every questioning non-muslim is considered a hateful person. This is a classical way of silencing critics. A typical authoritarian attitude. Therefore all Muslim countries have actually no peace because the voices are suppressed. The same is beginning to be seen in the west. Political correctness and civility are being manipulated by these Islamic strategists to achieve their goals of Dar Al Islam.
  • The threat of Islamic Terrorism: Islamic strategists regularly threaten non-Muslim administrations that their youths are feeling hurt and that can cause Islamic terror because they don’t have employment. This is purposely done to extract the maximum wealth from the non-Muslim community.
  • Extract Maximum: Social welfare schemes are exploited extensively
  • Refugees: Most Islamic countries don’t accept refugees from other Islamic countries. These refugees are purposely sent to non-Muslim countries to achieve their goal of Dar Al Islam.
  • Infiltrating International Organizations: UNHCR has been completely made ineffective for non-Muslim communities.
  • Western Academic Institutions and Popular Social media organizations have been infiltrated to continue their ideological conquest.
  • Freedom to practice religion: Any non-Muslim community’s religious beliefs are considered a threat to their own belief system.

In democratic countries, their ideological war and hate campaigns are carried out through media outlets, academic institutions and international bodies. The leftist liberal, socialists, and Communist ideologies are extensively manipulated by Islamic strategists to continue their propaganda through victimhood campaigns. Palestine is a classical case of Land grabbing through Islamic ideology and so was Kashmir because their ultimate goal is Dar Al Islam. The international community has to work together to stop this game by Islamic strategists. Democratic countries have to carefully protect themselves to provide freedom to their citizens from these authoritarian and theocratic ideologies.

With article 370 gone, I hope and pray that Kashmir regains the status of spiritual excellence. It’s time to protect the real Kashmiriyat.

Islamic invasion of Kashmir
Islamic invasion of Kashmir


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  1. Non-Muslims have the watch , Muslims have the time.

    even if it takes centuries , the Muslim goal is to capture the whole world.
    well researched and informative article.

  2. Not until the so-called PoK is fully integrated to India is the process of Kashmiriyat over. The good news is that a strong step has been taken in the right direction.

  3. Great article. Puts the entire issue in it’s correct perspective. Govt should now tackle the seditious voices inside india.


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