RVS Mani on what caused the Delhi exodus of migrants

Unraveling the deeper conspiracy behind Delhi migrants' exodus, RVS Mani lays out a solid argument why Kejriwal Govt should be dismissed temporarily for deliberately trying to endanger human lives


  1. Delhi police is in the hands of the home minister. If curfew could not be enforced by Delhi police, Home minister is to be blamed and not Kejriwal government. The fact is the existence of migrant workers escaped the attention of Modi, Amit Shah and the kitchen cabinet. This goof up is similar to the series of goof ups by Modi during demonetisation and GST implementation. For a BJP supporter, every failure of their high command can be blamed on a conspiracy theory. It is shameless for a BJP supporter to be defining nationalism after the horrific Delhi riots in 21st century modern India precipitated by hate speeches of Kapil Mishra (Delhi Election is a Indo-Pak match, if Sheen Bagh protesters do not vacate, we will vacate them told in presence of DCP), Parvesh Verma (Shaheen Bagh protesters will rape your women – Amit Shah lied to the whole world that such a comment was not made when Navika Kumar asked about this comment), Dilip Ghosh(why can’t the Shaheen Bagh protesters die), Prakash Javedkar (Kejriwal is a terrorist & we have proof) and Amit Shah (I request people to push the EVM button near Kamal so hard that protesters in Shaheen Bagh will get electrocuted – it is a direct call for violence that finally manifested on 23 Feb). FIRs should have been filed against all the above people including the home minister. 40 Killed in Pulwama, the COVID-19 deaths are still below 50 and 55 people were killed in Delhi riots. When Modi could rake in disproportionate credit for Balakot surgical strike (its time had come and America supported India), he needs to take the blame for Delhi riots in 2019 (not 1984) in Modern India in the capital of our country. I don’t understand how people believe that self-proclaimed unknown fakir and his fatty side-kick. Even Lord Ram is considered to have made mistakes but BJP supporters act as if Modi cannot make any mistake. And articles such as these by RVS Mani is doing a great disservice to the nation. BJP supporters shamelessly always talk about conspiracy theories and indulge in whataboutry to cover up the mistake of their supreme leader. BJP got a slap on their faces in Delhi Elections and heaped communal riots on Delhi in revenge. BJP with its Operation Kamal corruption scam in every state in sabotaging democracy. Now they want to turn their massive goof up on not preparing to handle migrant situation to unseat Kejriwal. When CBI and NIA are foisting cases on BJP opponents without proofs, much more grave allegations such as these against political opponents would be strongly dealt with if there was any iota of proof.

    • Why are are you spitting venom on Hindus ? Who started anti CAA protests ? Who burnt buses on Dec 15th in Delhi ? Have you heard speeches by your brothers Owaisi, Sharjeel Imam, W Pathan and other jehadists abusing Hindus and PM ? Ungrateful breed, you spit on the hand which serves you food and post hiding behind a hindu name. You have the courage to accuse Hindus have engineered Delhi riots ? The gravest mistake the Hindus have done is giving space to jehadists in India after 1947 by passing advice of Ambedkar. Modi and Shah have been too liberal with your elk. I hope they wake up and clear fundamentalists from India.

  2. This is time for military to surround North east Delhi, do house to house search, catch Banglas and Rohingyas and dump them at Bangladesh border. As pointed by Mani, it is time Centre takes over Delhi rule, being capital of India and take care of residents.

  3. Most baseless and defamematory interview from Pgurus . I think its not good to the standard of Pgurus just only to pull down Kejrival. What Chadha told was nothing compared to other politicians . If kejrival is a criminal posecute why jumping here without a single case . This govt accused Sonia, Rahul so many . But none are put behind jails. For your kind info Many kannada migrants from Maha and Goa also rushed back to home that too walking . I heard some people got crushed by a truck. This guy RVS M is loosing his balance. Tomorrow SC is hearing the case. If SC also sides with transport will you say SC is puchased by Kejri ? RVSM says who funded ? First ask who funded BJP ,Congress all parties . Is this country officially run by criminals according to your logic if funding is not clear… I am just giving opposite view . Just to malign some body dont get dirty ..

    • Why are you supporting Kejriwal , a secularist posting with a pseudo name ? Mr. Mani worked in home ministry and has an IB vision and is a true nationalist. This crazy wall, knew of Delhi riots, deliberately kicked out migrants under orders from congi to humiliate Yogi. He ordered DTC buses to ply thru oral orders to IAS officers. He allowed Tableeg jamat to assemble, spreading virus not only India but abroad. Not a single kitchen is run by Delhi govnt, but this liar says, food is arranged for 4 lakh migrants.

      Are you threatening that judiciary will blame govnt ? One ordinance, govnt can nullify all judgements during this emergency. Mark my words, second quit India movement is starting, to throw out anti nationals.


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