Sheer hypocrisy of Liberals & Left exposed

Thanks to SM and Video enabled Smartphones, the hypocrisy of the Left-Liberal nexus stands exposed

Thanks to SM and Video enabled Smartphones, the hypocrisy of the Left-Liberal nexus stands exposed
Thanks to SM and Video enabled Smartphones, the hypocrisy of the Left-Liberal nexus stands exposed

Outrage creation on UP’s mass sanitizer spraying collapses when the same method found opted in Kerala too

The self-claimed Liberals and Left are frequently called out for their duplicity. This time for their selective anger over the mass sanitization during Corona in Uttar Pradesh while keeping silent on the same thing happening in Kerala too, that too in the constituency Rahul Gandhi was elected from! Since Monday morning, many Left, Liberals and Congress guys started venting anger on the mass spraying of sanitizers on migrant labour landed in Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. As the saying goes, “Idle brain…” Many anti-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) journalists also jumped on the bandwagon and termed the incident as inhuman and barbaric. The main target was to attack the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who has turned the tables on the crooked elements of the lumpen lot that goes by the name of Opposition parties.

Congress leaders, Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) and Priyanka Gandhi also termed this mass spraying as a totally barbaric activity. CPI(M) leader termed this mass spraying on migrant labour as a big heinous act… until the same exact thing was found happening in Kerala, that too in Wayanad, the constituency that elected RaGa!

But ‘the cat got the tongue’ situation emerged when all those who angry at Uttar Pradesh went into silent mode soon after similar mass spraying videos emerged from Left-ruled Kerala. Kerala’s Fire Force was spraying a similar sanitization to all those who crossed over from other states.

Now media houses and TV channel’s screaming anchors are on Mute mode. Those who made a hue and cry on BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh do not have a word to say when videos showing mass spraying by the Left-ruled alliance in Kerala emerged. This selective anger is sheer hypocrisy.

Unsolicited advice to the Opposition – there is a time to question the ruling party and there is a time to support them. Now is the support time (unfortunate that this must be spoon-fed to you).

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  1. Himansu Sekhar Mishra Ji, please explain your understanding of left-liberal. I have explained what it means to be a leftist and what it means to be a liberal. In the simplest of terms, all democratic governments are leftist and socialist. The very fact that 1 vote of a rich person is equated to 1 vote of a poor person is a leftist idea. All welfare schemes that try to create some kind of a level playing field (reservations, direct money transfer from one pocket to another etc) are leftist measures. The term leftist gets a negative connotation when people supporting the so called leftist ideology employ violence as a means to achieve their objectives like Lenin and Stalin. To be liberal is to restrict religion to only personal aspects of our lives, not wear religion on our sleeves, not overly protect our industries in the name of nationalism.. Over to you Himansu Sirji..

  2. LOL… RAGA & PRIGA… TAKING HIT AFTER HIT… Looks like soME UNSEEN FORCE is shoving their foot in their mouth every time they open it… Looks like the begnning of the end of the empire built by
    the SAGA

  3. Where is the whataboutery here – I don’t believe the author is even talking about the scientific right or wrong of this particular spraying. He is calling out the “Left Liberals” who saw it fit to call out Yogi Adityanath and his government while staying mum over the same happening in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency. Last checked Kerala is in India with the same media access as in UP. So why didn’t these great journalists or opposition leaders raise issue with it. If they had, maybe there could have been a scientific debate about the merits of such a process. But by being selective they have actively politicized the matter and hence any scope for a cogent discussion around this topic has been lost.

    Also this isn’t the first instance of selective reporting by the same suspects. So they do not have any credit left in the eyes of some Indians (read “not all”). I for one read newspapers for the sheer entertainment because the days of great investigative journalism is long dead – long live presstitution.

    • Look at the title of this article – left liberal hypocrisy. The article should have been on UP government’s act of spraying of chemicals meant for washing buses on migrant workers. Instead the act of the UP government headed by Yogi Adityanath is portrayed as not so serious by drawing attention to a similar act of Kerala government. If this is not a classic case of whataboutry, then what else is. The news about Kerala government spraying some liquid on people was first reported by Amit Malviya, BJP IT cell head, who deserves a Nobel Prize for innovations in fake news generation. As Congress went out of power 6 years ago, there is no point in finding fault with that party or its leaders. Is it anyone’s case that as Congress committed sins in the past, they should not put any questions to the government when they commit mistakes? The extreme sense of self-righteousness of BJP supporters is nauseating. The need of the hours is a strong opposition and strong press acting as vigilant watchdogs that can keep a check on the current government’s actions. Instead what we have we a sold out press and article such as these from BJP supporters. The way debate titles are framed anchored in TV channels such as TimesNow, Republic and a host of Hindi TV channels expose the press as failing in its basic duty as the fourth pillar of democracy. The anchors on these channels act as mouth pieces of the government and ruling party and in their presence, the spokespersons of the ruling party have nothing to do. These TV channels won’t telecast any news on the missteps of the government. When Phelu Khan and Tabreez Ansari are lynched on camera, these TV channels instead of deploring such incidents talk about lynchings of hindus as if the scores are settled. The press needs to do some serious soul searching to come out of this approach to journalism.

  4. Sir ,You called anti-BJP Journalist in your Article.I don’t agree it. All these so called anti-BJP Journalists are actually hired & paid Journalists. I need not write who is their Pay Masters. These kind of Journalists who have forgotten Professional Journalism & its ethics don’t work freely & collecting huge fees. There is lot of Competition among paid Journalists to make happy their Pay Masters through writing Articles. Even some Social Medias are financed with handsome money through back door. So don’t call them anti-BJP/anti-Modi Journalists & call them “Paid Journalists”.

    • Ok, you are confusing me… When you say they are “paid journalists,” do you mean they write whatever they are paid to write & will write whatever they are paid to write? So, do you mean that they will write PRAISING the BJP & anti-the others IF SOME ONE PAYS them to do that & will not disclose the name of who is paying them?

  5. Does two wrongs make one right? Condemn both incidents of spraying of chemicals on migrant laborers. This whataboutry of BJP supporters is dragging BJP government into committing one costly mistake after another. If in Kerala, chemicals were sprayed on migrant laborers, what prevented this great star campaigner Yogi Adityanath who goes around every part of India like nobody’s business to election campaigns from learning something from the incident and strictly preventing it from happening again in his home state? And what do you mean by left liberals? Are all who are opposed to BJP’s communal politics to be branded as left liberals? Using this yardstick, any educated person opposing communal politics will be branded as left liberal. Anyone who talks of level playing field, reservations, bridging the gap between have and havenots, direct money transfer, transfer of money from one pocket to another in any other form, doles to farmers, democracy that equalizes the vote of a rich person to that of a poor person is a leftist. Gandhiji was a leftist by the same yardstick. Sale of PSU stocks, inviting private enterprise in defense production, crony capitalism that helps the Adanis, Ambanis and Jay Shah’s of this world are all examples of liberalism that BJP practices.

    • What is wrong in mass spraying. It is approved world wide. You want – Govt to come like in Thai Massage Parlor with so many people around – with individual attention?

    • Venkatesh, I am a non-political person and a senior citizen, 70+. Reading your comment gives me the impression that you are really a left-liberal. sorry for the response. No intention to hurt you.


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