RVS Mani wonders why six weeks were taken by India to act on the LAC

Was it indecision or suppression or wrong advice that made India to not act as soon as reports reached of China massing troops at the LAC in four different regions. Several options to counter China discussed along with meaningful suggestions by R V S Mani. A must watch!


  1. India should entrust the responsibility of dealing with China and US to Dr Subramanian Swamy. He has more friends and followers in both these countries and Dr Swamy knows how to handle these two countries. This is not the time to show ego complex . see, in 1981 Dr Swamy was requested by Indira Gandhi to approach China leaders. He met Deng Xiao Peng the then Chinese strongman for more than an hour. India got the permission to send its devotees to Kailas Manasarovar only because of him..

  2. Respected Mr. Mani: Thank you for your informative session. In most of your interviews you refer to Public sources from where you get your information. Most of us who visit this website come here for the authenticity of the information. Can you share some of these public sources from where we can also access the info and keep an eye on activities that are detrimental for India. I think we need millions of “Mr. Mani’s” to watch our motherland but just dont know where to start.

    Please guide us so we are not just watching the shows but also contributing to this work. Thanks in advance,


  3. China has intruded with the intention of strengthening its border infrastructure at vantage points and also tried to thwart the building of our border infrastructure. The response time allowed to build their bases in the intruded region is a gross negligence by the highest authority. Moreover, consulting Russia on the matter was another blunder when US has already offered support and China stands exposed in world stage because of their spread of Corona bioterror. It looks we are not decisive against the enemy number one as George Fernandez said long back and take enough measures to stifle the dragon economically as well as diplomatically.


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