Sandeep Balakrishna on why India needs to learn from its history

Sandeep Balakrishna, author, technologist, and editor of shares his thoughts on how he ended up writing the book on Tipu Sultan and his site DharmaDispatch. In-depth look at how India got conquered and the work of Kasi Vishwanath, the director of Shankarabharanam/ Sagara Sangamam/ Sargam etc.


  1. From what i hear from SANDEEPJI he has more treasures in his mind and SHREEJI can dig in to his mind and bring out more from him. By the by i can not corelate him to the movie SANGARAPARAM.

    • I was never convinced that Sandeep Balakrishna understands the meaning of Dharma. Many others have pointed out that he is negative all the time.


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