Sasikala-Stalin-Sonia axis on the anvil?

will Sasikala and her group of MLAs join hands with DMK and Congress?

will Sasikala and her group of MLAs join hands with DMK and Congress?
will Sasikala and her group of MLAs join hands with DMK and Congress?

The fate of AIADMK was sealed on the day J Jayalalithaa, the then Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and the General Secretary of the party was admitted to Chennai’s Apollo Hospital in a critical condition on that Thursday night of September 22, 2016.

One may be able to write the script of a political comedy if one is to pen down the happenings in the AIADMK post-Jayalalithaa.

Had O Panneerselvam, who was sworn in as the Chief Minister (CM) on December 6, 2016, within hours of the demise of Jayalalithaa, been given a chance to continue in his position, the party and the government would have lasted its full term until May 2021.

There is a question which remains unanswered even after six months of the revolt in the AIADMK which saw the party disintegrating into three factions with signs of more divisions and sub-divisions to come, in the coming months. “The smiles exchanged between Panneerselvam and DMK leader M K Stalin in the Legislative Assembly is enmeshed in deep mystery. Why should Panneerselvam smile at Stalin and Durai Murugan?” asked one of the acolytes of V K Sasikala, who had been elected as the General Secretary of the party at a specially convened general council meeting on December 29, 2016.

Interestingly, it was the then CM Panneerselvam and the then party presidium chairman E Madhusoodanan who drove down from the venue of the general council meeting at Vaanagaram, a Chennai suburb, to Veda Nilayam, the Poes Garden residence of the late leader which has been brought under full control of the Sasikala family, with the original copy of the general council resolution appointing Sasikala to the top post of the AIADMK. All of us saw with our own eyes Panneerselvam and Madhusoodanan pleading with Sasikala to take over the party mantle and lead them to a position of strength.

We also saw Sasikala accepting the resolution with tears in one of her eyes and smile in the other, and placing it in front of the picture of Jayalalithaa as if to seek the divine blessings from Amma.

When one of the reporters asked about the will of the late Chief Minister, C Ponnaiyan, then a hardcore Sasikala fan who later on jumped the fence and joined the Panneerselvam camp, proclaimed to the world that Amma had nominated Chinnamma (Sasikala) as her legal heir. The proof? Well, Pnnaiyan had the copy of the certificate of a fixed deposit of Rs 2,00,000 made by Jayalalithaa in one of the scheduled banks in the city way back in the 1990s. It is mentioned in the certificate that Chinnamma Sasikala is the legal heir to this deposit in the eventuality of something happens to Amma,” Ponnaiyan had said! (The video recording of this statement by Ponnaiyan is still available in the news archives of Jaya TV!).

One may be able to write the script of a political comedy if one is to pen down the happenings in the AIADMK post-Jayalalithaa. What went unnoticed after the easing out of Dinakaran from the post of deputy general secretary holds the key to the future. Vijayadharini, the Congress MLA who is close to Manishankar Aiyer, went to Dinakaran’s residence at Adyar in Chennai and was closeted with him for more than an hour. A Congress MLA calling on the AIADMK leader in the present situation is unthinkable in Tamil Nadu. But the visit or the personal one-on-one meet did not get the media attention it deserved because many among the journalistic fraternity in Chennai wanted it that way. If the TNCC president Thirunavakkarasar (means King of Divine Speech), had called on Dinakaran, it would have caught the attention of the national media. Thirunavakkarasar is a Thevar, the community to which Saslkala and her khaandaan belong. He was also a one-time senior AIADMK leader who switched over to the BJP before landing in the Congress. It is also important to note that Thirunavakkarasar was the one who arranged the Koovathur Resort where all the 125 MLAs of the Sasikala faction were held in captivity in the days prior to the trust vote sought by Palaniswamy in February 2017.

People who know Sasikala and her non-resident husband Natarajan are aware of the truth that it was Muthuvel Karunanidhi, the DMK president, who played the role of match maker in the wedding of Sasikala and Natarajan. Cut to the present… Sasikala is undergoing imprisonment (or serving her sentence) at Parappana Agrahara Jail in Bangalore in connection with the Disproportionate Asset case. Well, in the months of January and February 2017 she had got the Koovathur Resort converted into a prison. Now if one goes by the disclosures made by D Roopa, the DIG of Karnataka Police, Sasikala has converted the Parappana Agrahara Prison into a five-star resort! Rumors abound that she leaves the jail and comes and goes as she pleases.

VKS who converted a jail into a resort and vice versa
Fig 1. VKS who converted a jail into a resort and vice versa

Who rules Karnataka? The Congress. A disciple of Sonia Gandhi by the name of Siddaramaiah is the chief minister of the State. What happened to Roopa, the IPS officer who made the startling disclosures about the goings on in the Parappana Agrahara Prison? She was shunted out to Traffic Police, the graveyard of officials who are incompatible with Siddaramaiah. The Congress, the DMK, the Communists and the Janata Dal are all silent over the issue… Smell anything? To make it point blank, an alliance between the DMK-Sasikala-Congress and of course the Muslim League is in the offing. Wait for a couple of months…

DSP Roopa gets her marching orders...
Fig 2. DSP Roopa gets her marching orders…

This begs the question, “What is the difference between ADMK and DMK?” According to Tamil comedian S Ve Shekher, it is the letter A. It must be mentioned that S Ve Shekher was once in the AIADMK and is currently in the BJP. Only time will tell if this unlikely alliance will take hold.

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  1. These are the shameless leaders who amassed wealth by way of their corrupt practice but outwardly talk against corruption -all imposters and shameless,spineless scoundrels who will go to any low extent to get power without thinking about the well being of Tamilnadu peoples.

  2. If this really happens, Stalin will also die a miserable (political) death. They must be encouraged to commit (this) political suicide for TN to finally get out of the hold of these dravidian kazahagams. Good for the state

  3. Trimurti’s of Corruption joining hands in no surprise. Shortly the lady from Bengal and cartoon from Bihar will also join, followed by the Dharna king of Delhi.

  4. Please include Dr Subramanian Swamy also in the list. He is the person who had been great admirer of both Modi and Sasikala. So Modi can also be added. Then Mogan Bhagwat is also the Holy Father of the BJP. He can also be added. You idiots of BJP you never change. Stupid.


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