Sattology- Modiji, Timing is all that matters

Important timely decisions will help India in the long term. That will help India to grow faster in the near and long term future.

Sattology- Modiji, Timing is all that matters
Sattology- Modiji, Timing is all that matters

The previous parts of the series can be accessed here Part 1 and Part 2. This is part 3.

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says ‘Time I Am’. Time is all that we have in our life. Using that time wisely is the wisest thing to do. Every person, communities and nations get opportunities to succeed according to time, place and circumstances. It’s up to us to capture it for our benefit. When we miss that opportunity, we may or may not get that again. Every opportunity has a time attached to it.

Correcting, Nehru’s political blunders should have been the top priority and that was the actual mandate given to him

For an individual, the cost of opportunity is directly related to the utilization of opportunity. We have to be ready to capture it at all times. So qualification and suitability play an important role. When an individual misses that opportunity, he/she may have to wait to find the next one.

For communities also, time is all that matters. Communities have to take important decisions to help them grow at a particular time, place and circumstance.

For Nations, timing is all that matters for the collective wellbeing of the country. People who run the country have to take decisions at the right time otherwise the whole country suffers. Leaders at the decision-making level have to make sure that they don’t set wrong precedents. And leaders have to be realistic enough to understand their own strengths and weaknesses. That’s why all nations have a cabinet and other intelligentsia to consult with. Nehru made huge mistakes in regards to China and Pakistan because of his personal ambitions. He created the Kashmir Valley issues because of his personal ambition, personal character, poor judgement and lack of farsightedness unilaterally. He never consulted far more educated peers to gain deeper insights into issues of that time. The result is that India is bleeding by a thousand cuts. Despite all the potential that India has it is taking longer to achieve her national objectives. Today India is paying a heavy price due to Islamic Terrorism and past economic model of socialism. His unilateral and crazy refusal to accept Permanent membership of Security Council as offered by the USA has resulted in India being in the second class category of UN classifications. His secular anti-Hindu Mughal stance has destroyed the pride of Hindus post 70 years of Independence. Probably, history will regard him as an enemy of India in future generations to come.

India has always missed opportunities because its leaders failed to capture opportunities at the right time. History of India is evidence that leaders after leaders have failed to capture opportunities at the right time. Shri Narendra Modiji, a highly respected leader and probably the best PM, India has ever had is also on the verge of falling into the same category of leaders. The huge mandate that Hindus gave him in 2014, has not been utilized properly. Probably, he took the Nehruvian model far too seriously. His inaction on most important threats to India has been mind-boggling to most Hindus who actually campaigned for him. Leaders are respected by actions and not speeches. Also, leaders have to decisively and timely action for the long term interest of the country. Correcting, Nehru’s political blunders should have been the top priority and that was the actual mandate given to him. If those Nehruvian blunders are addressed, India won’t have to deal with bleeding through thousand cuts. Economically and strategically, it would have been the greatest and cheapest options for India in the long term. But indecisiveness and lack of consultation with far experienced and educated colleagues like Dr Subramanian Swamy, has become the biggest failure of his administration that history will record.

Timing is all important for a nation as I said before. Important timely decisions will help India in the long term. That will help India to grow faster in the near and long term future

India knows that they have given the biggest mandate to a hope, but they are still fighting to resolve key issues that matter to them i.e Ram Temple, Respect to culture of Hindus, Removal of Corruption Ecosystem, Article370/35A removal, Proactive action to root out the disease of Islamic terrorism and Restoration of Pride of India. All those major issues have been relegated to next term, and Hindus today are confused whether they actually know this person or not. They may still vote for Modiji on account of his personal good qualities because more so that they don’t have an option, not because of anything else. This is the time for Modiji to capture the moment and fulfil the aspirations of the majority of Indians for India. Hindus don’t want to become a minority in India. Because when they are a minority within India, they are either killed or become second class citizens of India as per what history has shown in Kashmir, Kerala, Mizoram, Telangana, Bengal and other parts of India. Soul of India is the culture of Hinduism / Buddhism / Jainism/Sikhism. That shouldn’t be destroyed by secular actions of a popular and respected leader. That’s the main worry for the majority of Indians today.

Timing is all important for a nation as I said before. Important timely decisions will help India in the long term. That will help India to grow faster in the near and long term future.

If we respect Krishna and His wisdom in Bhagavad Gita, then we must respect Time as well. What will happen next, only time will tell? Jai Hind !!

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. Sattology – Good War vs Bad War first post was good one and this current post seems to be hurriedly written. To implement all your suggested remedial measures or to realize positive things to happen in favor of unfortunate nation having a “secular tag”, we need the following in first place.

    Cause and Effect goes hand in hand in the womb of Time-I’m… you sow so shall you reap.
    Past blunders / karmas are catching up with us.

    DECLARING OUR NATION AS A HINDU MAJORITY NATION FIRST on the lines of over 40 Islamic countries and over 100 Christian nations did many decades ago. We got independence in 1947 when 35 Crore population was “sleeping” /MIDNIGHT only Gandhi-Nehru-Mountbatten families were not sleeping!! Initial group of freedom fighters names gone missing.150 Brits colonies got independence during DAYTIME. Under secular garb what did we do to only HINDU Nation NEPAL under Nehru-Gandhi dynasties? What happened to Tibet?

    CaSte based political parties, caste based voting patterns, religious enmass voting patterns weakened our nation demolishing DHARMA without understanding how caste came into existence and on what basis?

    Funniest thing in our country is that all are interested in safeguarding their respective “castes” forgetting all castes/varnas come under the umbrella of Hinduism! Caste leaders are “ready” to fight for “rights of their castes/caste based reservations” and not worried about destruction of their own mother Hinduism /their own motherland! How about Individual “responsibility” ?

    In our country for example, Dharma is not prevailing when scamsters/fraudsters are getting “bail after bails and stay orders” and for instance again in Karnataka Father and Sons party are running after temples, astrologers, tantriks, mantrikas,not banned anti-national PFI to run the government and enjoy power and pelf under Dynasty secularism tag!! If they are successful in staying in power for five years, all scamsters/ thugs will copy them to enjoy life further in India. Above experimented example has become a model to replicate in the country. Lack of patriotism hurt our country due to 55 years of one family regime.

    To strengthen our internal and external security in all States and UTs, Governors should be from defense forces/retired ex-servicemen/ from outstanding police force too and certainly not from political rejects of this or that political party and other chelas and chums of Netas and babus

    Sanatana Dharma is NOT AN IDEOLOGY but an Ancient sophisticated time tested Teflon “code of conducts” in the world goes back to the VEDANTA PERIOD and due to various historic civilizations the term Hinduism originated / was coined during 18th / 19th century. Hinduism is very difficult to define.

    A revisit should be made on our Constitution to reflect our cultural ethos, traditions and customs. Secularism/socialism encouraged invading ideologies only so far. An ancient orthodox theist nation was labeled as an atheist nation under secularism tag for nearly 70 years now.

    Indian judiciary is the most unaccountable in the world. 65 years of secular corruption of Maha-Thugs-Bandhan must end. Judicial reforms are needed to sustain DHARMA. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita.

    Let’s hope during his second term PM Modi may have a better team full of talent and experience without usurping all credit to himself upon solving complex issues.

  2. This article is one too many by this author. He needs to take time off and introspect.

    It may be fashionable to blame Nehru, but it also shows a bankruptcy of ideas. Chacha Nehru made many mistakes, so did everyone else. At the very least, Nehru did not hustle common people with Tughalakisk ideas. Stop playing that record now. It is stuck.

    • Nehru never realised his mistakes and worked towards sidelining other tall leaders of the Congress including Patel. He conferred the Bharath Ratna on himself. Finally he succumbed to the blunder of naively trusting China, among many others such as division of provinces along languages.

      It is only thanks to M.K.Gandhi that he became Prime Minister. India deserved better.

      Correcting Nehru’s Himalayan blunders will take decades.

    • You should see Curious Indian the blunders committed by the so called 1st PM of India. Please go through the chronological event’s below :-
      1. Jawaharlal Nehru has a Afghan lineage to him and Jinnah and Sheik Abdullah were his half brothers. – Source : M. O. Mathai.
      2. Had he accepted Mohammed Ali Jinnah to be there as 1st PM of the country division of the country on the line’s of religion and creation of Pak would never have taken place. It’s because of his soft corner to Jinnah and his stubbornness to be seen as the 1st PM of divided independent India Pak became a reality although Sardar Patel was elected to head the country in the CWC meeting.
      2. Because of his ego centric nature and selfish allegiance to Sheik Abdullah he had asked the confidently marching army to retreat from J&K which has become a thorn in India’s flesh. He even brought article 370 through presidential compulsion to get it accepted though parliament was against it. He also made Sheik Abdullah the PM of J&K and silently got article 35A added to the constitution at some irrelevant page in May 1954 though it was anti Indian in every single word.
      3. When UN approached India Nehru simply rejected the same and was eager to head a Non Aligned Movement by some countries which later ended up in failure.
      4. He even rejected a UNSC permanent member seat and asked it to be given to China which is another thorn in India’s flesh apart from Pak. We are there clamouring for the same since decades.
      5. He did nothing to use the excess water from the Indus for our country’s sake.
      6. When the world was embracing capitalism he went with socialism and created all the PSU’s which have become a set of giant white elephants.
      7. He rejected the offer from Nepal to merge with India for reasons unknown. He rejected $1.5 million offer of Gwador port to India which was given to Pak.
      8. He gifted an island in the Bay of Bengal to Burma which later they have leased to Chinese and because of the same China can oversee Indian Navy movements.
      9. He suppressed the Hindu’s by creating a new Hindu code while the same thing was not for others which benefit the Muslims and Mullah’s and Christians to create their own personal law’s.
      10. We see government’s administrative controlling over Hindu Temples where as Masjids and Churches do not have the same. Why this discrimination ??
      11. He could have easily ended the reservations after the 1st 10 year’s but the failure to do it is a biggest evil thing that the country is experiencing with huge brain drain exodus of creative brains in search of greener pastures across the world. Perhaps it has become more and more of a political tool with another fool VP Singh approving Mandal Commission implementation despite suicides of so many students.
      On the whole so called Pandit(God knows who has given it to him) Jawaharlal Nehru has destroyed the country by so many things that he did/didn’t actually act upon as per the time necessitated and we are experiencing the results of the same today.

  3. Dear Aditya, with all due respect, Modi is a man of action who has reached far far hight compared to those who write columns. Please see and compare what Modi has achieved in this space to what you have achieved. I am not trying to trivialize the columnist but rather highlight the virtue of men of action. Let Modi be Modi, he knows how to balance between survival and acheivement because there is no acheivement without survival. The best we can do is to support Modi and introspect how we can become men of action receiving indpirations from men like Modi.

    • Most of those actions were building roads and promoting tech. It is like someone is building a castle with Legos, burglars enter his house, and he keeps working more rigorously with Legos.

      You may say there were more actions. The truth would be that the burglars got a freehand.

      Nice job, sir.


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