Sattology: Wake up call from Christchurch

This incident at Christchurch is not shocking because of years of inaction by Muslim communities. 

This incident at Christchurch is not shocking because of years of inaction by Muslim communities. 
This incident at Christchurch is not shocking because of years of inaction by Muslim communities. 

The previous parts of the series can be accessed here Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 . This is part 6 of the series…

It is sad to see the loss of lives in New Zealand due to a terror incident. The whole world has come forward to condemn the incident and rightly so. All sections of all societies of the world have come together to not only condemn but have also taken strong actions against perpetrators to protect the Muslim community. My question to Muslim communities: Where is islamophobe now? Will that happen in Islamic countries or Muslim majority areas if such an incident would have happened against non-Muslims?

It is a well-known fact that Muslims are the biggest threat to themselves. More Muslims are killed by Muslims themselves due to their various internal sectarian philosophical differences.

This incident at Christchurch raises some important questions for the Muslim community. There have been many incidents against non-Muslims perpetrated by Muslim terrorists across the world. However, the universal appropriate condemnation by all sections of Muslim society has been lacking. Follow up actions by Muslim countries against similar crimes against non-Muslims is not even there. Criminal terrorist organizations are protected by their states. Condoning any act of violence in any way or for any reason whether physical or ideological is detrimental to the larger interests of society.

Let’s take some of the past incidents and Muslim response to it.

  1. Violence in Kashmir Valley against Kashmiri Hindus: Most Kashmiri Muslims have not even publicly acknowledged it because they believe that Kashmiri Hindus don’t have a right because of their minority status. This is directly seen as ingratitude.
  2. Acts of Violence by Palestine against Israel: Not a single Muslim country ever protests against that violence because they believe that Israel has no right to exist. Muslims born in non-Muslim countries are trained to hate Israel. Why?
  3. Acts of Violence by Muslim Immigrants in Europe: There is no widespread condemnation by any Muslim organization. In fact, they have been found to protect criminals in Germany.
  4. Campaign for Violence: In the heart of hearts many Muslim preachers spread hatred against idolatry as their Islamic duty. Their campaign directly hurts Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Christians and other communities of the world whose religious form of worship is through idols. 40000 temples were demolished by Islamic invaders to India. In many Islamic countries, still, that campaign is going on. No universal condemnation by any Muslim organization.
  5. Political Objectives: Kashmir is a classic case of ideological terrorism hidden cleverly in the garb of the right to self-determination. The world doesn’t know that only 1% of Kashmiri Muslim population gets support from Pakistan with arms and terror training. That 1% is terrorizing the remainder of 99% of the population. Similarly, the Palestinian issue is a political issue born out of hatred of Israel. Majority of Muslim political leaders deliberately don’t solve them for their personal benefits. Most of their leaders become exquisitely rich in the name of Islamic political struggle. In Kashmir, around 200 Kashmiri Muslim families control the majority of the wealth of the state while they represent only 1% of the Muslim population. Palestine has seen a few becoming millionaires from all their Islamic and UN donations. Not a single Muslim organization has been honest to admit their mistakes.
  6. Land Encroachment: Muslim communities have been seen to encroach land in the name of demography. So in any area, they become a majority they displace the native population and then claim that area as their own. Non-Muslims lose all rights in that area. No Muslim Community leader or organization has condemned that.
  7. Fake Campaigns in democratic Societies: Islamophobia is a campaign run by Muslim organizations in print and social media, not an actual phenomenon. Most violent acts are condoned in the name of Islamophobia. Islamophobe has been very successfully consumed by liberal movements obviously sponsored by vested Muslim organizations. Not a single Muslim organization has condemned it.
  8. Taqqiya: A license to lie has been extensively used by Muslim community organizations to protect their political narrative. For example, even though throughout the world, the biggest threat to Muslims is Muslims themselves. Whether Sunni against Shia or vice versa, But the reason for injustice is blamed on non-Muslims or some other political narrative. Most logical Muslim journalists such as Tarek Fatah are regularly threatened by Muslims themselves. One of the leading journalists was recently killed also. Muslim communities must seriously now introspect and provide clarifications. Non-muslim communities will question them more.
  9. Demographic subversion: Most Muslim organizations promote concepts such as Muslim men marrying with non-muslim women. But do not allow Muslim women to marry outside. This concept is exploited in countries such as India where love-jihad is a sponsored campaign. In other countries also similar campaigns against native populations, have also not only been condemned but also actions by the community to stop such incidents is completely lacking.
  10. Apostatic Laws: Islam today has the largest number of non-believers, but their fake claims of fastest growing religion are often used to hide their dwindling numbers. This is because usually there is a way in but no way out. Apostatic laws prevent them to openly describe their status. Muslim communities must provide clarification on this.
  11. Lack of Assimilation: Most Muslim organizations campaign to their followers to not mix with local populations. Their campaign has resulted in a large group of Islamic communities maintaining separate communal identities while living in secular societies. Often times other people don’t understand them. This again is called as islamophobe by clever Muslim organizations.
  12. Media: Muslim organizations have very smartly used liberal media to create leftist campaigns to prevent any backlash by mainstream residents. This has created huge suspicion about Islamic motives.
  13. Islamic Countries: No Islamic country allows non-Muslims to openly profess and practice their religion. This has been observed by all, and there is a growing demand to open their countries and communities for other faiths.
  14. Historical Persecution: Islamic history speaks of campaigns against Kafirs or non-believers in Islam. That history is a stark reminder of their brutal history. That stain will remain but can be removed by a genuine ‘sorry’ by Islamic community leaders.
  15. OIC – Organization of Islamic Countries: OIC has seldom condemned acts of violence by Muslim communities. From Kashmir, Palestine, Myanmar and all other areas, they have never introspected the real issues impartially. They have always blamed others for their inaction.
  16. Violence Mindset: Any political disputes with non-Muslims becomes a reason to wage armed struggle. Why no other non-Muslim community does that? In any conflict, one party is always usually a Muslim community. Muslims against Buddhists, Muslims against Christians, Muslims against Yazidi, Muslims against Hindus, Muslims against Jews and so on. Sometimes both the parties are Muslims also, like Shia Vs Sunni, Sunni Vs Ahmadiyya, Sunni Vs Druze and so on.
  17. Rights: Muslim communities ask for more rights in secular nation-states than the local populace. They demand special treatment when they are in minority, while not extending the similar rights to non-Muslims in their own lands. This has created a lot of heartburn for host communities. There is always a reason for Muslim youth to pick up a weapon. Most wealthy Muslim countries refused to even accept refugees from other Muslim countries. Was that their strategy? The non-Muslim world is still confused.
  18. Radicalization: Social issues are the same for Muslim as well as non-Muslims. Then why only a Muslim youth gets radicalized to hurt non-Muslims is still an open issue. Is the problem with their religious texts? Nobody has yet analyzed it. Even the answers from Islamic community on this issue have been confused.

Muslim communities must address the above-mentioned issues very openly to become relevant to the societies they live in. The world has seen their history over a thousand years. It is a well-known fact that Muslims are the biggest threat to themselves. More Muslims are killed by Muslims themselves due to their various internal sectarian philosophical differences. In today’s world, all data and incidents are available to everyone to analyze. Muslims have been found to be safer in non-muslim countries.

This incident should wake up intelligent people to make a lasting solution to this mindless cycle of violence. Change is difficult when we expect only others to change. Change begins with oneself.

Some of the solutions for Muslim communities to improve their chances of a positive acceptance and assimilation.

  1. Depoliticize: Islamic doctrines of invasion for Islamic caliphates must be rejected publicly. For example, Ghazwa Hind has created bloodshed against all Hindus in the past. It has created Muslim countries out of Hindu heartlands. Now that philosophy must be Disbanded.
  2. Education: Islamic education needs to be corrected. Idolatry is an established form of worship in many other religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and many other faiths. Even Muslims worship a stone in Mecca. Respecting other cultures and their faith is an important education element missing in their systems. Schools of Islam such as Deoband, Barelvi and Salafism must be evaluated against their value to the current world order. Serious reform of Islamic education needs to be initiated by their community leaders.
  3. The principle of Universal Brotherhood Vs Communal Brotherhood: Universal Brotherhood must be promoted in Muslim communities. If they want their sons to marry women from other communities then they should also be willing to marry their daughters to other communities. Else suspicion against them will continue to grow. Muslims live in the same community as others and so it is naturally expected of them to respect others. Give and take is a two-way street.
  4. Apostatic Law Removal: Apostasy Laws must be repealed immediately. Muslims must be allowed to accept other faiths just like others are allowed to accept the Islamic faith. It’s again a two-way street.
  5. Islamic Countries or Muslim majority areas must allow others to practice their faith freely. Not only that but they must provide security to non-Muslims. No more Muslim only countries. If Muslims can migrate to other countries freely, non-Muslims must also be able to migrate there freely.
  6. Terror States: Pakistan has emerged as the terror university of the world. Nearly all Islamic terror organizations receive their credentials in Pakistan. It’s the duty of the UN and neighboring affected states to dismantle Pakistan into multiple smaller self-governing states. Saudi Arabia and Iran have been the long-standing financier of terrorism across the world. UN or Group of nations must ask for reforms in these terror-sponsoring states. If they do not comply then military actions against these states must be authorized.
  7. Islamophobia: Non-Muslims have no problem with the Islamic faith. It’s the aggression of Islamic faith against them is a problem. They are now defending. The world is not against them, it’s them against the world. Moreover, Islamophobia concept is created by Muslim organizations to show themselves as victims which they obviously are not.
  8. Reforms: Islamic Laws must also comply with secular laws in non-muslim and Muslim countries. A generally accepted principle of reciprocity must be implemented
  9. Islamic texts must be modified to respect local cultures.
  10. Post-migration to non-muslim lands, they should not bring their old political issues to new lands
  11. Local Muslims must be disconnected from Middle-eastern politics through training.
  12. Ostracize Muslim Youth who get radicalized. Brand them as criminals and report them to police or send them back to the countries from where they got radicalized.

If Muslims do not undertake urgent reforms, the world will gradually see a larger polarization i.e Muslims Vs Non-Muslims. This incident at Christchurch is not shocking because of years of inaction by Muslim communities.

Non-Muslim Communities must also now undertake steps to proactively prevent similar incidents. Non-Muslim nations have to protect themselves and their communities by providing more confidence to their local populations. Some of the things that they can do:

  • All mosques must be required by law to include secular sermons
  • Islamic religious texts must be modified to suit local cultures.
  • Islamic teachers must be trained to understand local cultural ethos.
  • Arabic linguistic and language connections must be removed
  • All Islamic texts must be in the local language
  • Islamic cultural symbols must be made relevant to host societies
  • Radicalized youths must be extradited back to their sources of radicalization or should be jailed for life to prevent violence

I hope and wish for a better sense of security to prevail for lasting peace between all communities. This incident should wake up intelligent people to make a lasting solution to this mindless cycle of violence. Change is difficult when we expect only others to change. Change begins with oneself. All parties are equally responsible to effect this change.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Aditya Satsangi is a Hindu American Entrepreneur and Writer with a Centrist viewpoint. He is a keen observer of International Politics, Dharma and Ideology. His research on ancient Hindu Scriptures such as Mahabharat, Ramayan and Bhagawatam brings unique perspectives on current affairs. He is an avid Golfer in his free time.
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  1. I was curious if you have seen the video of the shooting? I don’t usually like to see such images but, a friend of mine convinced me to watch it because he believed it was a false f__. I don’t buy into much conspiracy stuff but he is a credible source so, I watched it. He makes a good case!! Loved the article and agree with your proposed solutions…

  2. Are you insane? The whole articles thrust seems to be that Muslims are to blame for the shooting? This is like liberals saying terrorists are justified because of the years of western oppression!! The NZ shooter killed 49 people, including children. How can this be the fault of Muslims not condemning terrorism?

  3. A stark illustration of the way the Muslim community at large views their liberal, educated and inclusive brethren is the way Abdul Kalam’s and Azim Premji’s are treated with barely any respect our adulation. How many times have we heard a Muslim leader take their names in a public meeting. Contrast this with the way they are held with universal respect among all Hindus. No wonder they find no empathy across the globe

  4. The author must be dreaming. You cannot reform Islam. Period.Muslims claim that Koran is the word of God and Mohammed is the last prophet. This cannot be changed by mortal human beings.Any reform will result in mass, mad rush to the exit by Muslims. Only the force death for act of Apostasy is keeping majority of Muslims bound to this religion. Islam cannot AFFORD to be reformed because it will fall apart to dust. It is an ideology of exclusivism and if you break one of it’s part, then you break the whole. It is going to be clash of civilizations, mainly Islam vs Christianity.


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