Three ways India confirmed that the hits on Balakot were successful – shared for the first time

An in-depth discussion with Abhijit Iyer-Mitra on Airstrike, Masood Azhar and Pakistan


  1. The discussion on demonetisation was rather naive. That is all one can write for now. For those who wish to get closer to the truth, the web does offer more insights.

    That makes me wonder if the discussion on air strike could also be similar. Perhaps, it is best not to take up two diverse issues in one video.

  2. I want to pinpoint one more thing about demonetization. It has been assured by the PM and FM over television that the last date for depositing the Rs.500/- and Rs.1000/- notes was 31st March and suddenly it has been changed to 31st December of previous year. People are holding these notes even now. How can we believe the words of the head of governments? They have even said over television that there is no necessity for the general public to rush to the banks, as they have time till 31st March. Why not we file a case before SC, as it is more or less a commitment by the head of Govt. Are they not ashamed to change the promised statements?


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