Shabash Shabanaji!

An Open letter to Shabanaji (Shabana Azmi)

An Open letter to Shabanaji (Shabana Azmi)
An Open letter to Shabanaji

Dear Shabanaji,

I wish to congratulate you for taking time off from your hectic shooting schedule to come down to the rain-washed streets of tony Bandra to protest vehemently against the killing of individual Muslims by the beef brigade in parts of the country.

Before you get this nacheez wrong, let me make it clear that I am also against the killing of anyone except by the due process of law. Honestly, I don’t understand what all this bovine brouhaha is all about because Article 48 of the Constitution clearly enjoins upon the government to ban the slaughter of cows, calves, milch and draught animals. As many as 24 state governments have enacted cow slaughter laws whose Constitutional validity was upheld by the Supreme Court in a landmark judgment on October 26, 2005.

What I don’t understand is why you and the Fab India types have never protested against the violent eviction of three lakh Hindus by Muslim terrorists from the Kashmir valley. Maybe because the bloody Hindus who are opposed to the merger of Kashmir with Pakistan deserve this and more. Recently, a Dy. Superintendent of Police Ayub Pandit was lynched outside a mosque in Kashmir because he was mistaken for a Hindu by the anti-national mob. Such lynchings are common in the Valley.

You and persons of your ilk kept completely quiet when 3,000 Sikhs were massacred in Delhi by Congress mobs. Maybe, in your well-considered opinion, Congressmen are blue-blooded secularists and cannot indulge in violence against minorities. Btw most communal riots, including the one of December 1992-January 1993 in Mumbai, have taken place in the country when the Congress was in power.

You and your friends are totally silent when lakhs of Muslim women are currently fighting a brave and historic battle against the inhuman practice of triple talaq. Maybe because the poster boy of secularism Kapil Sibalji is appearing in the Supreme Court for the male chauvinistic Muslim Personal Law Board which is vehemently supporting 3T (Talaq Talaq Talaq).

The sleep of millions of non-Muslims is disturbed 365 days of the year by the call for Fajr (dawn) namaz made through mosque loudspeakers. Several times appeals have been made to the imams not to use loudspeakers for Fajr namaz. What a great gesture of good will it be to all non-Muslims if this simple demand is accepted? I never find you and those like you support this elementary demand.

You and your pals did not find it necessary to condemn those activists of JNU who called for the “barbadi of Hindustan.”

It is this selective secularism of activists like you, which barely conceals disgust for Hindus, which has given a bad name to the very word secularism.

If Modi is your target please say so openly. Please don’t further your anti-Hindu agenda by making a spectacle of yourself on the streets.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
S Balakrishnan
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  1. Absolutely right Mr. S. Balakrishnan. More power to people like your kind self, who think correctly and respond rightly. She the drama queen deserves it.

  2. thanks for your responses. persons like shabana azmi
    are causing more damage to our national fabric than akbaruddin owaisi.

  3. Very well said, Mr balakrishnan – it is a shame & disgust for all Indians that we have such people in our country. If Azmi & her friends have such issues let them show courage & move out to those countries where they get what they r seeking – which anyway is hollow & grossly narrow minded. I am ashamed to to call them my countrymen !!

  4. True lines! This shows their partial support. Even her husband supported Gulmehar -“pakistan dint kill my dad”. So yeah fab class anti-hindu or high esteemed self religion..

  5. Absolutely true, Mr Balakrishnan. These pseudo secularists, under Congress rule, flourished and carried on their anti-national activities with impunity. The Gandhi’s have no loyalty towards the nation, nor do the Leftists, Muslims and Christians. Abroad, Christians have joined the anti-India, Anti-Hindu club comprising Jihadi sympathizers, the Leftists and the Muslims. Their job is to malign Hindus , Modi govt, and India, all over the world. Its an all out propaganda machine funded by the Church, Leftists and Islamists/Jihadis.

  6. After going through the details it is clear that these people are mentally sick and will never think in favour of India. All these people should be shown the door and pushed to Pakistan.

  7. Sadly Media groups are also on the same page as these selective secularists. The other opinion is never shown the light of the day.
    These people can protest against ALL lynching which will get them more respect and support from all of us.

  8. Such pseudo-secularists are tolerated only in India in the name of democracy.They are taking advantage of freedom of speech and insulting majority people again and again.They will go to any extent even to damage our country’s name in opposing Modi.Shame on such
    dramebaaj people !

  9. It is this one-sided thought process of the educated Muslims that is brainwashing the other peace loving populace, which in turn is giving rise to a backlash from the Hindu extremists. I shudder to think what would happen if this continues.

  10. If only all muslims were driven to Pakistan during partition, lndia will not be facing rhis problem.The first muslim appease arse hole mk.gandhi and the nehrukan, allowed the muslims to stay in lndia, fiving them gurantee not to intervene their belief. The 2 % community now crossing 20%, taking up cudgels against hindus, and killing them by bombs, knives etc under garb of terrorists.

    • that is the whole problem… & the following generations too DIND NOTHING about it… they too let these poisonous killers breed & actually nurtured them… now they have become so big… & even today, the PEIOPLE are not doing anything EXCEPT wagging their tougues… they should rise up AGAINST THE SKAUGHTER of Hindus & the cows & destruction of the Hindus temples… … If you don’t do anything to SAVE YOURSELF… NO ONE WILL…

  11. Time and again even after shaming them in public, these opportunistic selective secularist gang are so thick skinned that it is not going to make them feel about it. There agenda is political and very clear Anti Hindu and somehow blame Modi ji for these misdeeds.

  12. These well cocooned n well entrenched suedo intellectual and sickular artists and their ilk know well how high
    they have to jump to their masters tunes

  13. Lunching in name of beef is a propaganda started by opposition and fueled by intellectuals like her. If they are atheists how come their kids are Farhan & Zoya and not Juhi & Raman???

  14. With full of contradiction, Yes Many state government enacted law on Cow slots, but who are them to take the law on there hand and kill the innocent, In this even Govt of Tamilnad official are also affected.

    • Excellent ramani, you are an outstanding example how dumb the secular Indian is. It’s pretty clear and obvious that almost all of these lynching cases are given a communal spin. Dadri was theft, junaid was a drunken brawl, the more recent, i forget the name was a murder accused…and what was done to protest against the women constables molested in Vellore, where was the protest when women police was molested and beaten during jallikattu protest… why didn’t they protest when Hindu activist was killed by “police fakrudeen” & co in tamilnadu..rss and bjp members are killed almost on a daily basis in kerala by cpm goons, what about some protest for that…the sickular cabal will getaway and continue to make a mess of Indian democracy as long as we have idiots like you in the system.

  15. For the so called liberals ,hating Hindus is liberalism and any act against Hindus can be ignored in view of national interest.Those who enjoyed the crumbs from the previous regimes will come out to express their gratitude .They will close their eyes when Hindus are killed in Kerala and West Bengal and pundits in Kashmir.By coming out they are in a way supporting the antinationals


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