Sree Iyer discusses CCD saga and increasing violence in Films, on NewsX

CCD founder missing - more going on than meets the eye? Does Tamil Nadu indulge in literal HERO worship? Why is there so much violence in movies? What is the Censor Board doing?


  1. Dumeel Nadu indulges in hero worship is known for ages, you have Khushboo temples, mgr temples, the CMs since ages are phillumi. Destroy Hinduism then plant xtianity vide phillumi illiterate duffers. This kamal Hasan, Simon, all xtians n phillumi.A temple priest 2 days ago was murdered by these Dracula ethopians, bcz he objected to capture of 49 acres of temple land by bloody Stalin mafia, dmk, n church. The mother f..k Stalin if he is so anti Hindi SHD be specific now..spice jet SHD be operated in just Dumeel Nadu, Sun Dishes SHD be only in dumeel Nadu, here the bastrds shamelessly use Hindi to earn money..SOBB DEVILS making fools of dumeels n keeping them illiterate and under his devilish thumb. Bloody crypto Vatican pigs


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