Sree Iyer discusses with Dr. Swamy his new book RESET

Starting from why Dr. Swamy picked 1870 as the starting year to the state of the economy today and what needs to be done to achieve double-digit growth, this conversation is an excellent preamble before you go and buy the book.


  1. I expected a more detailed discussion solely focussing on his book’s content but little bit disappointed due to midway drifts.Pls be more precise and do nt divert midways.

  2. Please read my book “The Coup India Missed.” You’ll realise what the country has lost because the concocted political system in the country is not able to accept rationality.

  3. Its such an intellectual pleasure listening to Dr. Swamy. How Dr. Swamy’s would have transformed India if he had been given the rightful role as an FM. What a waste of talent for India! Sigh


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