Sree Iyer on IAS Shah Faesal and Alok Verma Booted out.

It is good that Alok Verma reversed all the other transfers - the real proof of the pudding lies in what CBI says in the Aircel Maxis case on Sanction for Prosecution


  1. What will Sri Iyer have to say now that SC nominated/approved high powered committee that included a serving SC judge( and prior to that a retired SC Judge A K Patnaik overseeing the CVC enquiry/deliberations, the basis on which the 2-1 verdict came) has found A K Verma gulity of serious charges that included taking bribe, scuttling Laloo probe among others? Iyer, while we respect your intelligence and Calibre, others too may not be such idiots as not to weigh the consequences of their actions.


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