Sree Iyer on Pakistan’s role in Capt Amarinder Singh’s dismissal as the CM of Punjab

The abrupt exit of the US has resulted in over 100,000 rifles, arms & ammunition being left behind. Now, these are finding their way into India using drones. In this brief monologue, Sree Iyer explains the role of Pakistan in arm-twisting Sonia Gandhi into firing Capt. Amarinder Singh as the CM to facilitate what could be an assault on India. Watch this compelling video!

Namaskar. How did Pakistan so blatantly pull off the re-capture of Afghanistan? Many who served in the US Army are seething at the perception that America abandoned Afghanistan. We told you in Daily Global Insights that a lot of arms and ammunition was left behind… India, brace yourself!

Why did Pakistan sign a Ceasefire Accord with India?

  • Now we know! So they could concentrate on Afghanistan.
  • Because they know India is a responsible nuclear power and does not break its word.
  • BTW no such rules apply to rogue nations like Pakistan and North Korea and now China. The first two are now poodles for Uncle Xi.

What is the role of Pakistan in the sacking of Capt Amarinder Singh as the CM of Punjab?

  • Arms and ammunition coming in from Pakistan daily.
  • Drones/ weapons/ RDX/ grenades, up to 50,000 rounds of ammunition.
  • Punjab CM met with the HM and PM to seek help to counter these drones a few days ago. This is what he said he talked about.
  • But did Congress think that the meeting was political? Is this why Capt Amarinder was fired?

There is more going on.

Dr. Swamy’s tweet today:

December 10, 2010.

Dr. Swamy’s letter to the then PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh on 2G.[1]

I also draw your attention to the baneful influence of one Ms. Farida Ataullah, a Pakistani with dubious connections (during the Benazir Bhutto tenure as PM she was her ‘bag person’), who has been a close friend of Ms. Sonia Gandhi for decades — so much so that she was Chief Guest of Honour at a select gathering at the wedding of Ms. Gandhi’s daughter, Priyanka in the mid-1990s. She lives in Dubai and coordinates all kinds of nefarious activities in and out of India.[2]

Perhaps because of her influence, an important member of the core group of the Congress Party called the Mumbai and Maharashtra police officials to his suite in Oberoi Hotel Mumbai after the 26/11 terrorist attack and directed that “Indian collaboration” in 26/11 should not be probed.[3]

All these facts put together to paint a grim picture of the national security scenario in the country. Pakistan was defeated four times in open military warfare by us but because of corruption in high places today flowing from the well-known “Gangotri”, Pakistan may succeed in undermining our national integrity through such well-placed persons and effect a soft subversion of the Indian nation.

In Conclusion…

  • India should not have signed the Cease Fire accord – instead, they could have said, all options are on the table. Why commit? But having done that, now it needs to get ready to defend itself.
  • Anti-drone technology is available with Israel but if Uncle Xi is underwriting Pakistan, they can unleash a lot of rifles/ ammo into India.
  • Congress has completely lost the plot on how to function as a responsible opposition – and they have now kicked a known, patriotic leader Capt. Amarinder Singh

Will, he quit Congress and form his own party? Or will he join an established Nationalist Party like the BJP, which is missing a strong leader in Punjab? Only time will tell.


[1] Sonia’s sisters, Anushka and Nadia, got the 2G Spectrum scam loot, says Dr. Subramanian SwamyNov 27, 2010, Bharata Bharati


[3] The Nationalist ViewJan 11, 2015, Facebook


  1. Dr.S.Swamy wrote a letter to the then PM MMS and continued to write Vishwa Guru PM Modi too without yielding any results!! In our country only Three are intelligent PM, HM and NSA chief!

    Bakistan’s wicked designs and Chinese global plans will be used for electoral gains in India. One should not trust BJP-RSS. Because for instance under their over seven years of rule conversions are taking place all over the South India.

    If Bakistan influenced Sonia to remove Capt Amarinder Singh, we can imagine how weak is the Indian Administration /poor governance. Captain joining BJP is ruled out because of age factor norm in BJP! He will not come under the thumb of BJP/RSS. BJP/RSS trusts its astrologers who predicted that China will break into 8 pieces and Bakistan into 4 pieces!!


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