Afghanistan – A missed opportunity for India

In Afghanistan, how India missed the bus

In Afghanistan, how India missed the bus
In Afghanistan, how India missed the bus

On Afghanistan: Was Dr. Swamy right?

BJP MP Dr. Subramanian Swamy was asking the Indian government to send troops to Afghanistan, take weapons from the US, and finish the Taliban and ISIS. This would’ve protected India’s interest in Afghan, provided a boost and security to India’s plans to develop the port in Iran, which would’ve put Pakistan in a very tight spot.

What was Dr. Swamy’s tweet back in 2009?

Indian government ignored his words.

So, what happened now???

Pakistan bankrolled Taliban.

Pakistan trained Taliban terrorists.

Taliban fought against the Afghan government. Covert Game by the Taliban and Pakistan ensured America moving away from Afghanistan.

Thus with all the weapons, Americans left behind, Taliban-controlled Afghanistan became the 4th largest military power in the world.

Now Pakistan has – Pakistan army+Taliban’s army (4th largest)

Trained terrorists in the form of Taliban, ISIS-K, al-Qaida.

Most importantly, American weapons.[1]


[1] Afghanistan: What American equipment has been left for the Taliban?Sep 02, 2021, Independent

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  1. With all due respect to Dr. Swamy, thank god India didn’t buckle under US pressure. There was never an opportunity. Those people love their jihadi masters! There is no other explanation-how the people/army surrendered so quickly. Those who are opposing are a select few “educated” people who had it made/enjoyed under the corrupt regimes of Karzai and Gilani. India hating rouge elements being on each side of the country, and being a den of world’s terrorists, it would easily become another graveyard of Indian armed force. It is better for India to stay far away from this country.

  2. I may respect Swamy for his knowledge. But I have to differ on certain views. He was the one used to support India going with China and was involved in mediation for the relationship. In the current scenario, India cannot play a role by sending military, nor support a militant organization by funding them, when the same organization was operating out of Pakistan. If that would have been the case, India would have had a direct relationship with North Korea or the militants of Pakistan, which is practically not possible. As the events unfold, India has to take a calculated move, not just jump the gun and create knee-jerk reactions for global media to cherish. India has spent money on building infrastructure in Afghanistan and had a good relationship with them. No one expected that Afghan will fall into the Taliban’s hands so soon. Given the situation, India did well to evacuate 8000 plus people from Afghanistan and going by Taliban words so far, India’s interest will not hurt, but that may not be enough. I don’t think India should take a position and start our relationship with the Taliban without even knowing who is in the helm of affairs.


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