Sree Iyer on SEBI ruling on NDTV and the need for Modi to cleanse bureaucracy

The same official who wrote the leaky order on NSE has now ruled on NDTV. What about the penalty for concealing the info? What about the monetary damages?


  1. Kudos for the excellent work on researching and exposing NDTV frauds. We are hoping to see exemplary punishment for wrong doing.
    Disappointed to learn about SK Srivastava compulsory retirement… Thought he deserved some positive recognition for his bold work

  2. wow wow thats d law catching uo n inching behind d giant fraudsters now they ll appeal in higher courts run n managed by d Lutyens and 10 Janpath whose chowikidars r Kapil Sibil and Abesheik Singvi n both Pranay and Radika ll get back whatever they ve lost

  3. Totally agree that there are some within the bureaucracy that are still loyal to the vadra/gandi family who have been & will continue to sabotage efforts of the NDA govt to clean out the mess.
    Modi needs to recognise & settle this problem.
    I think he will.

  4. Text of the video should also accompany the video if that is possible.
    That will help where the connectivity is poor.


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