Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai an Indian American scientist says Vitamins A and D keep the Coronavirus away

Drawing inspiration from An Apple a day quote... Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai describes how intake of Vitamins A and D in various dosages can help fight Coronavirus effectively. Do not miss!

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s letter to President Donald Trump by PGurus on Scribd

Here are the details of 2 videos for in-depth understanding –
1. Dr. Shiva live – Vitamins vs Vaccines – why Vitamins A and D fight Coronavirus
2. Dr. Shiva on the benefits of Vitamin D
3. https://shiva4senate.com/truth-freedom-health/
4. Shiva4Senate
5. Your Body, Your System
6. Truth Freedom Health

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  1. By giving the vitamin A, D supplements recommendation, are you not encouraging multi-vitamins industry a huge boost. Multi-vitamins industry is again a multi-billion dollars fraud industry emptying our pockets knowing that improper usage just drains out supplements from the body without much use of it.

    Instead you should have recommended the food for it like 1 apple, 2 oranges, carrots, tomatoes, etc. etc. per day.

    • Ever hear of liposomal vitamins? How about taking responsibility for yourself and researching what supplements do what and what the best delivery methods are? Guarantee the stuff you find on the shelf at your local grocery or pharmacy is not what he’s talking about.

  2. Shri Iyer ji , I think DR BM Hegde is also working on Same lines and he is a Padmabhushan awardee .Many people think he is little out of world. Reall great episode. importantly Dr Ayyadorai told us how medicine practice became popular in wars. Dr BM Hegde also doing lot of Anti Vaccine awareness throughout world and India.

  3. How to get the overall view of our body mechanism?… The mechanisms which we read is just the mechanism of the drugs mainly, that too targeting specific/concerned tissues only. I think even the sources like books, research papers have been hijacked… since many of us don’t have access to doing research nor necessary equipments there is no reliable sources…

    The human touch is lost. Reason are the teachers (who literally followed the Allopathy blindly and completely rejecting our traditional knowledge), money lobby and accepting ‘a pill to every ill’ myth… How to convincingly explain the power of Human touch, therapeutic sounds and influential talk in healing???

    Also this Patency lobby has suppressed us,isn’t it???

  4. One of the best and most timely videos! Have a questions for Dr Shiva
    In Ayuerveda chyawanprash and indukanta gritham has been prescribed as a supplements to improve overall immunity. Has Dr Shiva done any analysis on the nutritional contents of above two suppliments?

    • He doesn’t have to “re create the wheel,” there are over 1000 studies on the benefits of Vitim D already done.


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