Sridhar Chityala and Sree Iyer discuss the pros and cons of the new Georgia Voting law and if there is someone behind the scenes orchestrating the moves

Sridhar Chityala and Sree Iyer discuss the pros and cons of the new Georgia Voting law and if there is someone behind the scenes orchestrating the moves

The Context:

This rhetoric is disingenuous and completely false. Here is what SB 202 actually does:

  • It expands access to early voting statewide by requiring two mandatory Saturdays and allowing local election officials the option of up to two Sundays during early voting. This change would apply to all 159 counties in Georgia for the first time and result in hundreds of hours of increased early voting opportunities across the state.
  • SB 202 requires all voters to provide a driver’s license or a free state ID card number to request and submit an absentee ballot. This would replace the cumbersome signature match process, thereby significantly streamlining – and securing – absentee ballot verification and tabulation. Every Georgia voter must already present some form of photo ID to vote in person.
  • For the first time ballot drop boxes – which were not available to Georgia voters prior to the COVID-19 pandemic – are mandated in every county, while also ensuring all drop boxes are secured around the clock.
  • SB 202 protects polling locations from electioneering by private individuals. Within 150 feet of the precinct, election officials may provide water at stations. Beyond 150 feet, as previous Georgia law allowed, private individuals may campaign and provide food and water for voters.
  • It also requires local election officials to continue tabulating votes until counting is complete and mandates the use of security paper to ensure complete authentication of ballots.

As you can see, these reforms have nothing to do with “voter suppression” or “Jim Crow.” The Election Integrity Act makes it easy to vote by expanding access to the polls and harder to cheat by ensuring the security of the ballot box.

For Democrats, the left and their mainstream media cheerleaders, criticism of the Election Integrity Act is not about what SB 202 does to make our elections fairer and more accessible – it is about fundraising off fear and giving them more power.

They believe that if they continue attacking hardworking Georgians who support election integrity by calling them “racists” and “vote suppressors,” we will be silenced.

They will of course ignore that President Biden’s home state of Delaware does not currently have early voting options for its citizens, while SB 202 guarantees at least 17 days of early voting access with the option of an additional two Sundays.

They will also forget to mention that Georgia – unlike Delaware – continues to have no-excuse absentee balloting and secured ballot drop boxes statewide.

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