Next Gen Hindutva Govt needs Adityanath but it also needs Adv J Sai Deepak in Cabinet

The best way for Adityanath to overcome all odds is to promote a young & dynamic advocate J Sai Deepak, he can deliver much better than anyone

The best way for Adityanath to overcome all odds is to promote a young & dynamic advocate J Sai Deepak, he can deliver much better than anyone

Young Hindus are eager to learn about Hindu history and its civilizational past

We may agree or disagree, Hindutva will be the inevitable method for governance moving forward. Hindus across the country have started asserting themselves for their rights. There is a strong undercurrent of Hindu renaissance with the young generation of Hindus more eager to learn about Hindu history and its civilizational past than ever before.

Constitutionally speaking, the directive principles have legitimised the crux of the Hindutva agenda. Be it the so-called ‘saffron party’ the BJP or any other party that aspires to rule, it cannot get power without the support of the united Hindu vote bank which is visible across the majority of the states.

We observed what effect a Hindu vote bank can deliver from the 2014 and 2019 elections. With 31% of vote share, BJP was able to single-handedly garner 282 seats out of 543 and a similar trend was visible even in the 2019 general elections.

For Yogi ,Out of the many, there are primarily 2 major challenges within his party, one is Home Minister Amit Shah, who despite doing nothing is called as “Master Strategist” and “Chanakya”.

This consolidated vote bank is well aware, well-read, highly engaged and also ideologically committed in all aspects of governance and policymaking. They are the guiding force and they are as fired up as always.

Although the BJP led Narendra Modi government came to power with the help of Hindutva, it has delivered 0 in the past 7 years with respect to Hindutva. It is nothing but what Arun Shourie once called, “UPA with a cow”[1]. Of course, BJP propaganda machinery will say Modi made it possible for Ram Mandir but the story of Ram Mandir is different and BJP/ Modi had no role in it[2].

Despite all the failures of the Narendra Modi government, the ideological undercurrent is still intact and has not been derailed, day by day its aspirations are improving, people are reading more, realizing what they need, what should be done and how it should be done etc. Slowly they have started questioning the government.

It is clearly evident that Hindu sentiments have got deep roots throughout the country and the proponents want a smooth power transition from Modi to a next-generation Hindutvavadi leader and among them, the most noticed and most hopeful is undoubtedly the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Adityanath is undoubtedly the contender whom people look up to and also desire but he has challenges. Out of the many, there are primarily 2 major challenges within his party, one is Home Minister Amit Shah, Shah despite doing nothing is called as “Master Strategist” and “Chanakya”.

Amit Shah’s “strategy” was visible when the Delhi riots happened under his nose and he could do nothing to save the lives of Hindus.

It is during the Yogi government period that several bold police encounters against criminal elements took place & the Iron fist dealing by police on rioters have been welcomed by the public.

The second challenge that Adityanath has is from Maharashtra, which is Devendra Fadnavis. Fadnavis is like that tantrum-making toddler who is not ready to accept defeat and at the same time wants control overall.

Fadnavis’ dirty tricks department is still active in Pune and Mumbai, it includes several IT cell folks and even has the tacit support of IAS & IPS officers. Fadnavis is aspiring for the top post doing nothing for Hindutva or for Maharashtra. He in fact took over several Hindu temples when he was the CM of Maharashtra[3]. Lastly, Fadnavis is in the good books of PM Modi.

The only way for Adityanath to get past these hurdles and prove that he is the best contender for the top job is to win the 2022 UP Assembly elections with a grand victory. He has to be careful in the coming elections as there are many trojan horses who are trying to dislodge him from within and it does include PM Modi[4].

Adityanath’s rule has seen grand success in several aspects. His government success lies in the combination of Hindutva plus development plus law & order.

UP was well known for law & order issues during the Samajwadi Party rule and Bahujan Samajwadi Party rule, the gundagiri in the state which was having a free run has been crushed during the period of Yogi Adityanath.

Along with several bold police encounters against criminal elements, the Iron fist dealing by police on rioters have also been welcomed by the public. Rioters have been made to pay back the damages they caused. Houses of criminals have been razed to get back illegally occupied lands, these measures have instilled confidence in people with regards to public safety.

Adityanath’s development model of expressways and highways will soon boost demand and increase spending. Currently UP is the only state which has 2 expressways and several expressways are planned and are in progress.

If all goes well, given the same public mood right now, the firebrand Chief Minister will get a thumping victory once again in UP in 2022 paving the road for Prime Ministership.

The challenge post that for Adityanath will be even more as the global players would challenge his ascend. He will need to convince & persuade the English educated global Indian and the intellectual Right-wing that he can deliver the cause for a Hindu civilizational state and also combat the Breaking India forces.

Everyone knows that Adityanath has a verbal disability with respect to communication in English and it can pave way for difficulties in governance and policymaking. The best way for Adityanath to overcome this is to promote a young & dynamic dharmic advocate, J Sai Deepak.

Whether Sai Deepak has an interest in politics we do not know but if given a chance (as a Cabinet Minister) he can deliver much better than anyone. Only a person with expertise can do Constitutional reforms necessary for creating a civilizational state and that would be best if it were handed over to J Sai Deepak given his record of accomplishment and his vast knowledge.

The reason why Sai Deepak is essential is not just his communication skills and expertise but also his sharpness and his persuasion skills backed with a proper logical sequence.

Adv J Sai Deepak has the prestigious IIT Kharagpur law tag with him and adding to it he is also an Engineer by education. His Alma Mater IIT Kharagpur will act as a great magnet for the educated class to lend their ears. Sai Deepak can act as the Jaitley+Parrikar (Law+Engineering) in Adityanath’s Cabinet, perhaps better than both in positive terms.

Adityanath needs a combination of the rural vote plus urban vote, the educated elite and the common folk to sustain his chair. He will be able to manage the rural voters but the elite class, the pseudo-intellectuals will challenge him the most and the best counter solution for that is Sai Deepak.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.


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  1. Yogi seems to have allowed Harvard U to study the diversity and DNA of khumbmela accordimd to Rajiv Malhotra on the latest Festival of Bharat video. Is this true?

    If so, definitely he isn’t qualified to hold higher a office. How nutty are people that they can’t see the value of what Harvard Unis asking for?

    As an aside, do you think the articles and publications of Harvard Tamil chair is accessible to anyone from Tamil Nadu? Do you think they can even check out a book held at Harvard?


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