SSR case: Subramanian Swamy urges Prime Minister to give directions to Health Ministry to analyse the AIIMS report by the Ministry’s Medical Board

Was the AIIMS report of SSR essentially a copy-paste of the Dr. Cooper Hostpital post-mortem? Swamy writes to the PM

Was the AIIMS report of SSR essentially a copy-paste of the Dr. Cooper Hostpital post-mortem? Swamy writes to the PM
Was the AIIMS report of SSR essentially a copy-paste of the Dr. Cooper Hostpital post-mortem? Swamy writes to the PM

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give direction to the Ministry of Health to scrutinize the AIIMS report on actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by the Ministry’s Medical Board to instill public confidence. In a detailed letter, Swamy accused AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) of copying the conclusion of Dr. Cooper Hospital’s post-mortem even after finding seven shortfalls in the Mumbai hospital’s report.

Swamy also blamed AIIMS Forensic Chief Dr. Sudhir Gupta for copying the conclusion of the Dr. Cooper Hospital and terming Sushant’s death as a suicide. He said that Dr. Gupta has not yet visited Mumbai and only three members of the team went. Swamy also accused Mumbai Police as “complicit” in the Dr. Cooper Hospital’s dubious report.

Subramanian Swamy also blamed Dr. Sudhir Gupta for directly sending the report to the CBI by not giving copies to the Health Ministry or his seniors.

“A Special Committee was constituted consisted of three AIIMS doctors, with Dr. Sudhir Gupta Head of the Department of Forensic Sciences, as Chairman, to review the findings of Dr. Cooper Hospital’s autopsy report. Dr. Sudhir Gupta did not personally participate in the Review in the Dr. Cooper Hospital. Three committee members went to Mumbai.

“Thereafter Dr. Gupta forwarded to the CBI the Review Report of the Committee, which concurred with the findings of the Cooper Hospital post-mortem… In its report, the Special Committee (of AIIMS) detailed several lapses in the conduct of the post-mortem. Yet, it agreed with the findings of the doctors of the Dr. Cooper Hospital,” pointed out Swamy in his letter to the PM. The detailed three-page letter is published below this article.

Subramanian Swamy also blamed Dr. Sudhir Gupta for directly sending the report to the CBI by not giving copies to the Health Ministry or his seniors. BJP leader pointed out that AIIMS Committee disregarded the main Guidelines of the 2001 Report prepared for the National Commission for Human Rights by former Supreme Court Judge Justice V Ramaswamy in how to handle the second analysis on post-mortem findings.

Previous week Health Ministry had asked Dr. Sudhir Gupta to answer to the questions raised by Swamy before the Parliamentary panel. Swamy had asked five questions to the panel questioning the findings of the AIIMS report[1].

The detailed three-page letter of Subramanian Swamy to Prime Minister on the mysterious death of Sushant Singh Rajput and shortfalls in the post-mortem report is published below:

Letter to Prime Minister on AIIMS investigation of SSR by PGurus on Scribd


[1] Subramanian Swamy raises five questions before the Parliamentary panel on the controversial AIIMS report on Sushant Singh Rajput death caseOct 9, 2020,

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  1. This Man is a full time drama baaz likes to be in NEWS what has he finally done for INDIAs economic growth or how many indians has he assisted or served all his life. He is surviving on gossip rumours and allegations HE IS THE MOST CUNNING SELFISH UNETHICAL MORALLESS PERSON. HE KEEP FINGER POINTING AND DOING ALLEGATIONS BUT HE WILL NEVER PUT THE CONCRETE EVIDENCE FOR HIS CLAIMS IN PUBLIC BUT WILL KEEP TALKING AND HE IS GETTING PAID FOR SUCH WORK TOO.

    • Can you substantiate any of these? No, because then you would have replied in your true email. Last warning – write tripe this like and you will be blocked.

    • JackNJill, dare to post your messages/views/opinions by declaring your FULL NAME!
      Do not post messages on behalf of someone! Please be brave and bold and dare to differ!
      Gentleman you hate so much worked under four former PMs. Do you think those departed PMs were people like you and your mentors? His achievements have become eye soar to the people and do not look into vital documents submitted by him. HC and SC gave judgement in his favour many times!
      Subscriptions to Pgurus are by declaring full name, contact details.
      Pgurus please do not encourage posts/ messages having nick name/funny names unless declared/patented by the Subscribers in their contact details.

  2. Shri Swamy just tweeted that in the absence of reply from PM, he will file PIL. When PM is busy with ” Atmanirbhar ” slogan, there is no atmanirbhar in solving a death mystery. Why wait sir, file PIL and wait for tareeq pe tareeq, another delay tactic.

  3. Why this billiards game ? Swamy says it is murder by Dubai gang. Then accuses Dr Gupta of gutala,writes to parliament committee, meets Gupta and gives clean chit to Gupta, then writes to PM to check P Mortem by a medical board and washes off his hand. Why cant parliament do this job ? What is PM supposed to do when CBI under him can solve the death mystery, if they are serious. If Swamy is serious, let him meet CBI Director and close the case either way. In case CBI says it is suicide, SSR advocate will appeal in SC and prove it is murder as he has forensic report from foreign specialists. Swamy is deliberately dragging and delaying the case, fooling people to keep his name clean. Ultimately the cards are with SSR advocate.

  4. This matter got its legs only when Swamyji raised it, before that it was just internet gossip and somewhat of a movement, but yes, the interest and determination of the people was unprecedented before also. Now, a lot of phoney figures have entered (like Vibhor Anand, who I think is a BJP plant) to create diversions.

    The open and vicious attack against Arnab and Kangana is a clear sign that conspirators expect some sort of support from the BJP. I think SSR case will get buried and focus will turn to NCB raids, which will not result in anything substantial.

    I really don’t know what hope does Swamyji has now? What is he expecting? He and all who support SSR case should support Arnab and Kangana, both may have personal motives, but they are in this mess because they didn’t follow the diktat of the same people who tried to cover-up SSR case. They have gotten away with the assassination of SSR, but lets stop them from professionally assassinating Arnab and Kangana.

    Although I think people will continue to fight for SSR even if there is no hope left. At least I will.

  5. I am quite sure SSR Murder case has been buried under the Carpet – with the connivance of Maharashtra Govt, Maharashtra Police, CBI, ED, NCB.

    ED & NCB are just making empty noises for public consumption.

    Like Jiah Khan’s Murder was buried by Sallu – paying few billions to the CBI, SSR Case too has been buried fully – by paying billions to Maharastra Govt, Police, CBI, ED, NCB, AIIMS Daku Sudhir Gupta etc


    Not less than 10000 crores have changed hands to bury this COLD BLOODED MURDER

    Why did the NCB not arrest the Bollywood Stars – who have been actively involved in Drug Pedlling???!!!

    What has the CBI (on which India is spending through her Nose) done till date in this Investigation???!!!

    Why is the ED silent on crores of Rupees transferred from SSR’s Bank Account???!!!

    When there were clear messages of Parambir Singh speaking on Phone to ISI bosses, why no action was taken by the Center on this D-Gang Pay-Roller???

    People of Bihar will reject the spineless Modi & Amit Shah in this Elections. The is the Ground Reality
    Why was the Maharashtra Govt not dismissed till date???

    • By looking at the claims, analysis and suggestions in your post I am suspecting that you are consuming the same stuff which you are accusing Bullywood stars of peddling.

  6. It’s time Subramaniam Swamy realises and understands that he has been reduced to a Court Jester by the PM.
    Even a guy like Nadda smirks. And Malaviya walks his talk.
    It’s time to sing. One by one so the songs have impact.


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