Subramanian Swamy complains to UP CM for probing into Hawala case activist Vineet Narain & his NGO’s land grabbing in Vrindavan

Swamy filed an eight-page long petition to probe into the land grabbing at Vrindavan by Vineet Narain and his NGO.

Swamy writes to UP CM
Swamy writes to UP CM

Swamy pointed out that in the name of Hindu religion & restoration of Kunds in Vrindavan, Vineet Narain has minted crores of rupees.

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has petitioned to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to probe into the land grabbing at Vrindavan and Mathura area by Hawala case activist Vineet Narain and his NGO Braj Foundation. Swamy in his eight-page long petition pointed out that in the name of Hindu religion and executing restoration of water bodies (kunds) in Vrindavan area, Vineet Narain has minted crores of rupees illegally and engaged in sand mafia activities.

“The Braj Foundation and Mr. Vineet Narain were acting as a “Sand Mafia” in these localities, who are illegally excavating the sand and then selling it in the open market,” said Swamy

Subramanian Swamy’s eight-page petition is published at the end the end of this report. In his petition, Swamy pointed out that District Magistrate and National Green Tribunal (NGT) has ordered the demolition of illegal structures constructed by Vineet Narain and his NGO Braj Foundation. He has also said that Vineet Narain and Braj Foundation’s other office bearers should be booked under SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act for attacking and grabbing the lands belonging to Jatav community members.

Swamy accused that in the name of water bodies’ restoration, Vineet Narain is illegally collecting a huge sum of money. “In the year 2008, in the Mayawati government, the contract was obtained by Braj Foundation to make a master plan of the Braj region for Mathura Vrindavan Development Authority. This consortium had received a sum of Rs 17.50 Lac from Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authority for preparing the Master Plan of the Braj. A sum of Rs 2 Crore was to be given for preparing the DPR in all these works. But due to their defective work, a sum of Rs 40.15 Lac was given to the Braj Foundation and IL&FS for preparing the DPR. In the total, this consortium had received a sum of D. 57.65 Lac by the Mathura-Vrindavan Development Authorization for preparing the Master Plan of the Braj. The consortium of Braj Foundation and IL&FS become bankrupt and after taking a sum of Rs 57.45 Lac, Shri Vineet Narain and The Braj Foundation have not fulfilled their promises made at the time of planning the scheme. Mr. Vineet Narain and The Braj Foundation used to collect illegal money in the name of one “Dham-Seva,” accused Swamy.

Terming Vineet Narain as “21st century’s Natwarlal, the BJP MP said that CBI should also probe into the irregularities of this “big land scamster” fooling people in the name of Hindu religion. The NGT’s order got an interim stay from Supreme Court’s Vacation Bench. Congress leader and noted lawyer Abhishek Singhvi appeared for Braj Foundation in Supreme Court.

In his petition, Swamy pointed out that all these areas belong to Archaeological Survey of India and Vineet Narain and his Braj Foundation has illegally done constructions and started collecting money and engaged in sand mafia operations. “The Braj Foundation cannot do any work for restoring the water tanks without the prior permission of the District Magistrate or Deputy District Magistrate. It has been also confirmed by the order dated 24.05.2018 by the Hon’ble National Green Tribunal,” said Swamy, giving details on how lands of farmers were grabbed by the NGO.

“The Braj Foundation and Mr. Vineet Narain were acting as a “Sand Mafia” in these localities, who are illegally excavating the sand and then selling it in the open market,” said Swamy, adding that a very honest IAS officer Yashu Rastogi was hunted by Vineet Narain and his gang.

The eight-page complaint given by Subramanian Swamy is published below :

Subramanian Swamy’s Complaint to UP Chief Minister on the Land Grabbing by Vineet Narain’s Braj Foundation by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Swamy or his proxy/mouthpiece pgurus should answer the serious allegation made by Vineet Narain that Swamy has diluted his own PIL on Jet Airways several times in Hon’ble SC to save Naresh Goyal after making loud noise initially.

    Is it true DrSwamy or pgurus that the PIL on Jet Airways is nothing but a mere Blackmail ?
    In his book “A feast of Vultures” by Josy Joseph alot has been written about Jet Airways and even Arun Shourie talked about it several times ..
    What is DrSwamy hiding in his cupboard?
    Is it bcos Vineet Narain of Kalchakra news tried to Xpose Swamy he panicked & rushed to accuse& trying to frame him in a false case under his friendly UP state govt?
    Even if there are financial irregularities why is DrSwamy not writing to MoF at union govt ?

  2. Jai ho Dr. swamy. These landgrabbers do not even worry that they are grabbing “Gods” land… what sort of ethics they have….

  3. Vineet Narain is a classic example of journalist turned racketeer. Another version of fixer-cum-editor Upendra Rai. After Hawala case, he started tasting blood by filing fake PILs and extortion. In Mathura Vrindavan, he started NGO Braj Foundation and started land grabbing also. He earned lot of money during Mayawati and Samajwadi Party regime. In Centre, he was always Congress. Have you even seen any voice from this Vineet Narain during corrupt Sonia regime. The fake complaints against the bold ED officer Rajeshwar Singh was a benami activity by Vineet Narain by taking some moeny from Chidambaram and using his crony Rajneesh Kapoor. Good that Subramanian Swamy has decided to take on this fake guy Vineet Narain. He is running a non-read magazine Kal Chakara to black mail people and get advertisment money. Total fake guy. Hope UP Chief Minister Yogiji will take action against this 21st century Natwarlal

  4. Swamy ji this time has not done his homework and his reputation of a corruption crusader is going to be severely dented this time. So far he has targeted those individuals who had skeletons in their closets but not in this case.
    Let CBI ED ITD one by one or all agencies simultaneously probe The Braj Foundation. If found of even a single violation jail Vineet Narain and his team for life but if allegations are found false then Swamy ji should visit each and every public channel and seek apology from the selfless workers of the Foundation.
    Let Swamy ji accept this challenge.

  5. Pgurus and viewers , Vineet Narain of Braj foundation is the same man who exposed hawala and never was bought or got corrupted. He could have made crores , in 1996 by dropping all charges in hawala and jain dairies, if he was dishonest and corrupt. Why is a man who restored kunds of vrindavan , protected national religious site under attack from dr swamy ?Rajeshwar Singh, an Enforcement Directorate officer , ex policeman of UP police , managed illegal hawala and corruption of beaurocrats and judges and he was given strange immunity by judges , that he will never be investigated or questioned (these immunity is only given to president and governor ) . Rajnesh Kapur , associate of vineet narain and editor of his news kal chakra , filed PIL against Rajeshwar singh to lift immunity and file disappropriate asset case. He is Dr swamys man and in retaliation , filed some fake charges against vineet narain and braj foundation .Dr Swamy , should stand by a crusader , rather than protecting rajeshwar and pressing fake.charges against braj foundation.In kalayug mahabharat , truth will sim , pandav though seeming weak will defeat kaurav. Jai Shri Krishna . Jai Hind

    • For your kind Information in past also such things have been said about certain covering of PGurus news and time has proven them right. Period. For eg lets take the case of Upendra Rai along with whom Vineet Narain has filed Petition earlier when PGurus exposed Upendra Rai in many articles now he is doing rounds of jail-bail earlier many came to his defense just like u but ultimately truth prevail and has put a stamp on PGurus news. and regarding Rajeshwar u can say he is Swamy’s man and all but the fact is Rajeshwar Singh is only hunted since years only because he is handling case of P Chidambaram and wants to stop Rajeshwar singh to file the Chargesheet, he has been haunted since long time, just because Vineet narian exposed hawala kand doesnt make him a saint, Dr. Swamy has done 100 times more than such people and that too on record, thats why he is known as Corruption Crusader, Truth will win and you will see in coming period. Jai Shri Krishna,Jai Shri Ram, Jai Hindi

    • Vineet Narain is a land grabber and using journalism and PIL industry making money. He must have took money from Chidambaram to malign the ED officer Rajeshwar Singh. Time for Vineet Narain to put injail like Upendra Rai. He is doing goodaism in grabbing lands in Vrindavan from from farmers and Jatav community.


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