Subramanian Swamy urges Lok Sabha Speaker to censure Sonia Gandhi for again faking the Cambridge University qualification

Swamy catches Sonia Gandhi on a lie about her education, again

Swamy catches Sonia Gandhi on a lie about her education, again
Swamy catches Sonia Gandhi on a lie about her education, again

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday again complained to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla for initiating action against Congress President Sonia Gandhi for again faking her educational qualifications in the Lok Sabha website claiming a certificate course from Cambridge University. In the reminder letter, Swamy urged that the Speaker must “censure” Sonia for the repeated fraud. Two months ago Swamy filed a complaint to Birla about Sonia Gandhi for again making fake claims on Cambridge University qualification the Lok Sabha’s Who is Who page[1].

In his detailed three-page complaint with documents, Subramanian Swamy pointed out that in 1999, based on his complaint the then Speaker Manohar Joshi sought an explanation from Sonia Gandhi and she admitted that it was a “typing mistake”. He urged that the Speaker must call the records and seek an explanation from Sonia why she again faked her educational qualifications and must censure her repeated offence.

Sonia Gandhi had primary education from Italy when she landed in London for a job and she got a job in the Canteen near Cambridge University where she met Rajiv Gandhi and became his wife.

“My request, therefore, is that it a very simple matter of verification based on my earlier complaint to Speaker Manohar Joshi, which can be recalled. Therefore please take appropriate action to rectify the record of Parliament. In our country, the education qualification is highly valued and obtained after a lot of effort. Hence, our culture has given such high value to educational qualifications. Hence in the interest of maintaining the dignity of Parliament please censure Ms. Sonia Gandhi if appropriate if it is found my allegation is well-founded as per past records of the Speaker’s Office,” said Swamy to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla. Swamy’s full three-page complaint with the document is published below this article.

Sonia Gandhi’s fake Cambridge education qualification controversy

After becoming a first-time MP from Amethi in 1999, Sonia Gandhi claimed in her election affidavit and Lok Sabha website that she is having a Degree from Cambridge University. Subramanian Swamy went to the University and got a reply that there was no such student studied at Cambridge University. After his complaint, Sonia Gandhi excused that it was a typing error and her actual educational qualification was a few months English Language certificate from an Institute named Lennox Cook School near the University. As per records this small English language certificate providing Institute shut the shop in 1966. Those days people coming from Italy and other non-English speaking countries to obtain English speaking certificate. Actually, Sonia Gandhi had primary education from Italy when she landed in London for a job and she got a job in the Canteen near Cambridge University where she met Rajiv Gandhi and became his wife.

Swamy pursued the case up to Supreme Court where then Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan urged Swamy to “show large heart” pointing out that she admitted it was a “typing error.” Now Swamy again raked up the controversy after Sonia Gandhi again claimed Cambridge University certificate in the Lok Sabha’s Who is Who page.

The detailed letter of Subramanian Swamy is published below:

Subramanian Swamy’s Letter to Speaker on Sonia Faking Qualifications Sept 28, 2020 by PGurus on Scribd


[1] Subramanian Swamy complains to Lok Sabha Speaker against Sonia Gandhi for using again the fake claim of having Cambridge University educationAug 2, 2020,

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  1. Dear Dr Swamy. we are proud of you and your service towards our motherland. You can definitely proceed for speaker’s action against Antonia Maino for fraud. But let us go after her for acting as a defacto PM for ten long years and signing anti national treaties with China. She has collected millions from them and signed a congress party and Chinese communist party treaty . She has also collected monies from many embassies illegally. let us make the Rajiv Gandhi Private trust illegal and demand explanation from MMS for allotting 100 crores from union budget.

    • Like Pakistan’s feudal army needs a permanent enemy in India to thrive, BJP and Sangh parivar want a permanent enemy in Sonia and Congress to win elections. I have not read the election affidavits of any candidate standing for election. No one cares if Delhi University said that it could not retrieve the degree certificate of Mod. No one cares about Modi’s talks on history despite failing twice in his degree level history papers. Why didn’t Subramanya Swamy file a case against Modi for claiming that he was unmarried in all his election forms before 2014? Swamy is an opportunist. He once was friends with Jayalalitha, started cases against her and later became her friend only to again become her enemy.

      Indians studying abroad make some money for their expenses by doing odd jobs in restaurants. Sonia also did the same when she was in England to study. It is not proper to call Sonia a barmaid. We cannot go by Amit Malviya’s fake news to brand Sonia as a barmaid. The tone in which the Bhakts talk about Sonia being a barmaid, it is as if being a barmaid is a sin and barmaid job is a lowly job. If barmaid job is a lowly job, what kind of job is a Chaiwala job?

  2. SS is just a rabble rouser and nothing. His credibility is low except amongst people looking for such meaningless accusations. No wonder his party treats him with such disdain

    • You are comparing the credibility of SS against that of Modi and the BJP!
      If his credibility is low as you mention then the credibility of other two is absolute bottom..
      For instance Modi hardly knows English and tweets .
      Trump and Swamy tweet on their own. They answer to people’s questions through conferences. Modi was caught using a transponder for his interview in Singapore and so on.

  3. Why not care whose qualification is what. And even if we do t care then my question is what’s the need of forging once qualification or faking. Submit ur actual degree or diploma , instead of repeatedly uploading false certificate.
    Ms Sonia has allready admitted to this in past and their shouldn’t be any valid reason for her to be repeating her offence. WHATABOUTERY is not going to help. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right.
    Wether a culprit is from ruling party or opposition he/she should be dealt with sternly without any liniency, that too when such person is holding such a dignified position.

  4. Who cares who has got what educational qualifications? Smriti Irani changed her qualifications to 12th to BA I year to BA II year. We are not sure about the qualifications of PM Modi as well.

    The best thing for Swamy to do is to ask for the constitution of an independent agency that can examine each LS and RS MP’s Asset and Income declaration and file “Asset disproportionate to known sources of Income” cases against MPs under Prevention of Corruption Act section 7d. The way things are in India, majority of law makers will get convicted.

    Swamy is wasting his time.

    • Swamy does not waste time. It has been done with a purpose.
      Made to look like an attack on the opposite camp

      An upstart like Nadda did not revert on Amit Malviya to him as far as he is concerned.
      Which means the BJP did not heed his words. His many requests have been denied
      Don’t blame him. Lol

  5. Why go after petty fake Cambridge degree certificate. Indian court is not dealing with and taking up the Natioal Herald Case, secret accord signing in Beijing with the Chinese Communist party. These are damn serious allegations. Had these happened .in any other democracy, Sonia and Rahul would not sit as members of Parliament. Stupid India.

  6. There is nothing wrong in what is provided in Lok Sabha currently by Sonia Gandhi. The LS website and document above clearly states “Certificate course in English”. It does not say Bachelor’s or Master’ degree. Certificate is not a degree as the English language is clearly written.

    Dr. Swamy should stop wasting time and hovering over cheap fame and petty mentality.

    • A certificate course is a certificate course. It is not a degree. I have not gone through the website to check if Sonia has completed the certificate course or has just taken the course without completing the final examination if any. Whatever it might be, it is much better than Smriti Irani falsely claiming to be a graduate and changing the status of her qualifications in successive election affidavits but becoming union HRD minister.
      Telling Swamy not to waste time itself is a waste of time for Swamy has all the time in the world to waste anyway. There are cases where he made false allegations (for example against Ram Jethmalani) and paid fines in defamation cases. I don’t understand how he gets money to fight cases in various courts of the country.

      The Sangh Pariwar has been disseminating lies after lies in the last 6 years and bhakts are blindly accepting these falsehoods. The way lies are being churned day-in and day-out by right wingers, one can safely say that whatever the right wing people say, it is highly likely to be a falsehood.


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