Sunanda in Tharoor’s dreams?

Sunanda Tharoor: An open-and-shut case, botched deliberately?

Sunanda Tharoor: An open-and-shut case, botched deliberately?
Is Sunanda haunting Tharoor in his dreams?

Years have gone by but Sunanda murder investigation refuses to go away! Is she Tharoor ka Suroor? Translated into English, is she the joy(!) of Tharoor?

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  1. I dont think BJP was/is/will ever be serious about solvin it or for that matter any corruption/scam of UPA times and seems to be only milking these issues for political mileage to expand their bases politically in non-BJP areas like Kerala(tharoor’s place),TN etc by raking them every now&then via social media,their TV channels etc
    Pathetic.. Banana republic sure it is…

  2. Sir, this caption seems like the translation of an old Telugu song “Ninu veedani needanu nene” from a movie called “Anthasthulu”. Anyway, it is very apt to the situation of Tharoor. 😀


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