No Achhe Din, Yet Modi’s Popularity Is Rising; Why?

Many initiatives for farmers such as e-Nam, mandis, neem coated urea

Achhe din or no acche din
Achhe din or no acche din

Achhe Din means different things to different people

Critics of Modi are not exactly happy with his performance. They wonder, “No achhe din, yet Modi’s popularity is rising; why?”

Let’s take stock of Modi Government’s accomplishments in the last 3 years.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]A[/dropcap]ny growth so far has been jobless, critics argue. But, the single most important initiative of Modi which has gone unnoticed is the Mudra loan given to over 8 crore businesses, mostly micro (like carpenters, flower vendors, etc)At just one job per loan, at least a few crore jobs have been generated, even after providing for leakages, failure of business, etc. This is no mean achievement. Since almost all these are in the informal sector, even the Government’s own statistics doesn’t capture these jobs. It is also true that people are rightly getting aspirational, longing for high paying, secure jobs, in the long run.

Huge allocations for highways to rural roads are improving road connectivity. Sagarmala and Bharatmala are moving slowly

Reaching 24X7 electricity to the remotest villages at a fast pace has made an immeasurable difference to the lives of rural poor. Reducing the cost of power through corruption-less e-auctions has made power affordable to people and industry. UDAY scheme has given a new lease of life to State Electricity Boards, tottering towards bankruptcy.

Jan Dhan Yojana, Rupay Cards, subsidised LED bulbs, free cooking gas connections to 2 crore poor families, Beti Bachao – Betin Padao, Toilets through Swachh Bharat, women as beneficiaries of Government schemes, financial aid to pregnant women, doing away with interviews for Class 3 and 4 jobs, etc are all targeted at the poor.

At least some of these schemes would have reached every poor family, and their impact on their lives will be more immense than we’d imagine.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]M[/dropcap]any initiatives for farmers such as e-Nam, mandis, neem coated urea (ensuring availability of urea to genuine farmers), low premium crop insurance etc are beneficial, but given the magnitude of the farmers’ problems, a lot more needs to be done. The Government is aware of this and is working seriously on this sector.

Indian economy is among the world’s fastest growing among the large ones

Huge allocations for highways to rural roads are improving road connectivity. Sagarmala and Bharatmala are moving slowly, and their viability appears uncertain, but they could contribute in parts. Expansion of the airports, railways, smart cities, broadband connectivity are all likely to help the nation grow faster.

Increased fillip to FDI in Defence and other high end sectors will spur growth of industry. Lower tax rates for MSMEs, improving ‘Ease of Doing Business’, self-certification of documents at application stage, Insolvency & Bankruptcy laws will all help step up entrepreneurial ventures.

Transparent e-auctions of coal and spectrum, and infrastructure development projects and other public procurement policies have minimised big ticket corruption; so, Modi has ensured his Council of Ministers are seen as fairly clean.

GST was a Vajpayee initiative, and was pushed forward by UPA, but it was Modi Government that addressed the fears of manufacturing states, and made it viable. Also, OROP was dilly-dallied by the previous Governments, but made workable by Modi Government. Though SC and EC had major differences with the Government, the differences have been almost completely ironed out amicably

India’s Foreign Policy has been fairly successful with most Asian neighbours, Africa, Iran, Middle East, Europe, Israel, Palestine, etc except with Pakistan and China, which are eternally antagonistic, and so nothing may work. At least India has stood up to muscle flexing by China, unlike the past policy of showing the other cheek. With the US under Trump, Modi’s charms will be put to test.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]hough critics see Demonetisation ( ) as a huge flop, it has been a hit with the masses. Some of the follow-up actions and raids by ED, IT and CBI, and attachment of benami properties, have been making waves, exposing some corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, businesspersons, wheeler-dealers, hawala operators, bank officials, et al. Hot pursuit of Vijay Mallya and his ilk are also visible.

Indian economy is among the world’s fastest growing among the large ones. Reining in of inflation, control of fiscal deficit, lower interest rates, export growth, booming stock market, strengthening of Rupee, movement towards ‘less cash’ economy, huge FDI inflows, increasing tourism, are all a result of decent management of the economy. Low oil prices helped, but 2 continuous years of drought made matters more difficult. Not passing on lower crude prices to the consumer is an economically prudent move, though critics may disagree.

Dismantling of lal bhatti culture, assisting stranded Indians abroad, making buildings and infrastructure accessible to differently-abled all exhibit the sensitivity of the Government to people in distress/ difficulty.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]here are surely many areas where the results could have been far better, like Make in India, Skill India, Startup India, Standup India, Digital India, Namami Gange, education, labour and land reforms, banks’ NPA management, healthcare, control over self-seeking vigilantes, addressing the poor bench strength of the Government, timely filling in of key regulatory and management positions, etc. but at least part of the reason is the performance of State Governments.

Achhe Din means different things to different people. For the poor who live on the edges, it could be today’s livelihood and tomorrow’s hope. For the middle class, it could mean more jobs, better pay and hope to become crorepati. For the rich and businesspersons, it could mean multiplication of their wealth. For some, it means the day Modi puts Rs 15 lakhs into the bank accounts of every Indian.

By the way, for record, Modi had just said, “There’s so much of Indian money in Swiss and other foreign banks that if all this money can be brought back, everyone will get Rs. 14 lacs.

Surely, some don’t see ache din on the horizon, but, a majority believe their lives have improved vastly and hope still better days are ahead; people didn’t expect more in 3 years. They are not waiting for the Rs 14 lakhs in their accounts; they are willing to work for it.

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An Engineer-entrepreneur and Africa Business Consultant, Ganesan has many suggestions for the Government and sees the need for the Govt to tap the ideas of its people to perform to its potential.
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  1. I read the following in WhatsApp
    Where is Acche Din ? This is not Pinnacle but surely a path to it.

    Number of Village left Unelectrified
    2014: 18452
    2017 : 3937
    Grameen Vidyutikaran – Minister : Piyush Goyal

    Number of new LPG connections
    2004 – 2014: 5.3 Cr
    2014 – 2017 : 6.95 Cr
    Ujjawala Yojana – Minister : Dharmendra Pradhan

    Electronic manufacturing in India
    2014: ₹11,198 Cr.
    2017: ₹1,43,000 Cr.
    Make In India – Minister : RS Prasad

    Mobile Banking in India
    2013-14: 94.7 million
    2017: 722.2 million
    Digital India – Minister: RS Prasad, Manoj Sinha

    Sanitation Coverage
    2014: 42%
    2017: 64%
    Swachh Bharat Minister : Narendra Tomor

    Ease of doing business in India
    (Ranking by World Bank)
    2014-15: 142
    2016: 130
    No Minister, Credit Goes To NITI Ayog led by Amitabh Kant

    WEFs Travel and Tourism Ranking
    2014: 65th
    2017: 40th
    Incredible India Minister : Mahesh Sharma

    Solar Power Generation
    2014: 2,621 MW
    2017: 12,277 MW
    Renewables Minister: Piyush Goyal

    Optical Fibre Network (Including Rural)
    2013-14: 358 Kms
    2017: 2,05,404 Kms
    Best Accomplishment – Minister : Manoj Sinha, Past : RS Prasad

    Rural Road Construction
    2011 – 2014: 81,095 Kms
    2014-2017: 1,20,233 Kms
    Super Speed of Road Minister : Nitin Gadkari

    Coal Production
    2013-14: 462 Million Tones
    2016-17: 554 million Tones
    You will be happy to know that Now Coal Thermal Project are getting cancelled because of Solar, We are surplus in both – Coal and Renewables Minister : Piyush Goyal

    New toilets Construction
    2013-14: 49.76 Lakh
    2016-17: 2.09 Crores
    Swachh Bharat – Minister : Narendra Tomor and Vankaiaya Naidu

    2014: $24.2 USD
    2017: $56.3 USD
    Liberal and Open Economy Minister : Arun Jaitley

    GDP Growth
    2014: 6.6%
    2017: 7.1%
    Minister : Arun Jaitley

    Fiscal Deficit
    2013-14: 4.6%
    2017: 3.2%
    Incredible Show of Fiscal Discipline
    Minister : Arun Jaitley

    2014: 11%
    2017: 4%
    Once again The Boss of Performance Minister : Arun Jaitley

    Electrification in Railway doubled
    Speed of Doubling of Railway line is twice compared to Congress time
    Super Trains like Mahanama, Gatiman, Tejas and Humsafar launched
    Cleanliness to providing Internet at Stations to Redevelopment of Stations
    Status of Railways has also improved sharply for sure
    Minister : Suresh Prabhu

  2. Mr.Arvind Subramanian, is a development economist and a scholar whom Foreign Policy magazine had named one of the world’s top 100 global thinkers . He happens to be the Chief Economic Adviser to Modi Government and was hand picked and appointed in Oct 2014. Similarly in every other department , Modi Govt. is utilizing the services of the very best specialists .His long experience as the successful Chief Minister of Gujarat is helping Mr.Modi in this regard.
    That is also the hallmark of a top leader .
    Mr.Modi may not be Harvard educated himself but he has read the Book of Life very well.
    Hardwork and not Harvard is Modi’s mantra.
    By the way,where is Mr.Mani Shankar Aiyer today ?
    Who ridiculed Mr.Modi by calling him a chaiwalaa for the first time before the 2014 Loksabha elections .
    And where is that chaiwalaa today ?

  3. It is no brianer,,,on the one hand hand we have crooks masquerading as politicians and on the other hand we have a chaiwallah who seems to be one who will not dip his fingers…But then if we have to change the destiny of this nation, we need one who will be knowledgeable and honest who will surrownd himself with men/women who are more knowledgeable and greater than the chaiwallah..unfortunately we have one who has surrounded himself with a bunch of low brow idiots.there in lies a tale.

  4. If there is one man, who can bring achche din or good times, to the people of India , he is none other than Mr.Narendra Damodardas Modi.

    He has what it takes and does not look at failure as an option.
    Yes , that is how fierce and firm his resolve is , his determination to take India forward.

    Like we say Tendulkar was born to play cricket , Mr.Modi was born to serve India by divine Providence.

    This man is a karmyogi , work is worship for him. Remember the scene ,when he bowed and kissed the staircase before entering the parliament house immediately after he was sworn in as the Prime Minister.
    In that moment one felt that here was a man who was undertaking a sacred mission in all his earnestness.

    Therefore instead of finding faults and giving him report cards at every semester, let us thank him , support him, bless him and wish him well.

    After all , its been only three years and not thirty years since he became the Prime Minister , man !

  5. No achche din..YEP NO ACHCHE DIN…
    1.whats the status of clean ganga? 2.whats the status of deportation on vijay mallaya? have bank employees who sanctioned loan arrested? 3.why no initiatives for reducing farmer suicides?

    • Almost all the RIVER CLEANING PROJECTS in Europe have take 2 decades to accomplish

      Getting a wanted criminal from UK may take years, perhaps decades too & India is unlikely to succeed too because the British thieves are thriving on the bad money such wanted criminals bring with them. While prosecution is being undertaken to arraign the Bank executives nothing much can be done too because these executives have acted on the instruction of the then FM.

      Now tell me what INITIATIVES need to be take to prevent FARMER SUICIDES?M

  6. While I welcome Modi Government’s efforts to protect our Desi Breed Cows & cattle, their approach to achieve this is directionless & impractical.
    CHEMICAL FARMING using harmful chemical fertilizers & poisonous pesticides should be stringently banned as a first step.
    Like Sikkim, COW BASED ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING should be made mandatory throughout India & the Govt should aid the farmers in implementing this
    Govt can take advise from Subash Palekarji, Deepak Sachdeji, Niranjan Varmaji in successfully implementing the COW BASED ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING.
    If this is done, UNEMPLOYMENT totally wiped out after 3 years – since more than 20 million new jobs will be generated annually in MANURE PRODUCTION alone

  7. No Achche Din?!. Yes. No Achche Din for the scam-tainted-seculars who r mauled poll after poll

    No achche din for one-(wo)-man-show sickular parties who lost multi billion black cash in just one evening

    DEMONETIZATION has smartly snatched almost 10 Trillion collectively from Didi, Behenji, Aloo, Netaji, Pappu & so on

    In the last 3 years UNSECURED, INSTEREST FREE loans amounting to the same 10 Trillion has been forwarded to 8 crore ‘small entrepreneurs’ who have reportedly generated 6 crore job opportunities in the informal sector.

    The SEIZURE of BENAMI PROPERTIES, accumulated by the same SICKULAR CHIEFTAINS amounting to an estimated 60 Trillion has already begun & a major chunk of this will be funding the HOME FOR ALL scheme.


  8. As opposition is day by day becoming more worser and anti national and anti Hindu than in 2014, in comparison people feel Modi is bettering every day.


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