Supreme Court’s Pegasus probe panel says only two persons submitted mobile phones. Re-advertises and extends time till February 8

Much of MSM which was outraged at their privacy violation by Pegasus appear to have lost their voice and gone into hiding

Much of MSM which was outraged at their privacy violation by Pegasus appear to have lost their voice and gone into hiding
Much of MSM which was outraged at their privacy violation by Pegasus appear to have lost their voice and gone into hiding

Persons outraged by the intrusion of Pegasus into their lives developed cold feet!

Supreme Court’s Pegasus probe panel on Thursday said that only two persons have submitted mobile phones in the past month and decided to extend the submission date up to February 8. In an advertisement, the panel said that persons can sit along with the technical committee while copying the phone. This is the second advertisement by the apex court-appointed panel headed by Justice R V Raveendran. The first advertisement appeared in newspapers on January 2.

“In response to it, only two persons have produced their mobile instruments for taking digital images. Therefore, the Technical Committee once again requests those who have reasonable cause to believe their mobile instrument is infected with Pegasus spyware to come forward and contact the Technical Committee with reasons as to why they believe that their mobile instrument may have been infected with Pegasus malware, on or before February 8, 2022, by an email to,” said the advertisement.

“The Pioneer” newspaper’s journalist J Gopikrishnan had already submitted mobile phone to the panel on January 12. Another person who submitted the phone to the panel is Rupesh Kumar Singh, a tribal activist from Jharkhand. He was also a petitioner to the apex court seeking a probe in the Pegasus controversy. Rupesh Kumar and his wife Ipsa Shatakshi’s names appeared as targets of phone tapping using Pegasus spyware.

“When an instrument is produced, a digital image will be taken in the presence of the person producing the instrument and immediately thereafter, the instrument will be returned to the person producing it. A digital image copy will also be furnished to the person producing the mobile instrument,” said the panel. The book Who painted my lust Red? by Sree Iyer explains the process in some detail.[1]

Justice Raveendran headed Pegasus probe panel consists of advisors such as the former RAW Chief Alok Joshi and technocrat Dr. Sundeep Oberoi. The Technical Committee consists of Professors Naveen Kumar Chaudhary, Prabakaran, and Ashwin Gumaste. The Technical Committee has opened an office at the IIT Delhi campus for receiving mobile phones and digital copying


[1] Who painted my lust red?: When Bollywood meets Cricket meets Politicians – Book 2 in the Money series –

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  1. Recently there was an interview of a so called key journalist, who kept on saying I will have to check besides there was a mention that Pegasus which if is some kind of instrument and it can be dumped into the deep ocean and that is the end of it. The whole thing appears to be Deshi media quoting the the foreign media and this journalist quoting the Deshi media. Do not know if the two persons who have handed over the devices are so important that millions of Dollars worth of equipment or software would need to be deployed. The others who allege tapping but not giving devices are probably scared that in doing so might expose their indulgence in the likes of Mia Khalifa or details of financial wrong doings.


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