Swamy in conversation with Rajiv Malhotra

An excellent conversation - must watch!

Excellent video, quality content. A must watch!

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Team PGurus


  1. Very nice interview that presents India as it is today and what it should be. The best part is that the two are working hard towards it. Wish the movement great success.

  2. There are a few people who know how to bring the best out of Dr.Swamy. Rajiv M and Iyer are two of them. Swamy’s clarity of thought, presentation of facts, his expressions, often laced with humour are hard to replicate. Here he addresses various issues, shooting straight from the hip, as only he can. May Bhagavan give both long and healthy life.

  3. Presence of a yogi at the house of a yogi presenting to the World direction it needs! Quality of their thought….Ability in giving a direction to their movement and selfless leadership at the helm of affairs in India that is Bharat can restore the things to order for a better world order ….Kudos to PGurus and Infinity Foundation India


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