Swamy rakes up his Sanction for Prosecution against Kejriwal and Sisodia

Kejriwal gets another blow - Swamy reminds LG Delhi on inaction on his petition

Kejriwal gets another blow - Swamy reminds LG Delhi on inaction on his petition
Kejriwal gets another blow - Swamy reminds LG Delhi on inaction on his petition

Alleges AAP accepted Rs.2cr ($311,000) from Tax defaulters as bribe

Master of timing, Senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday has sent a reminder to the Delhi Lieutenant Governor (LG) Anil Baijal for the delay in taking a decision on Sanction for Prosecution against Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia for accepting controversial midnight receipt of Rs. 2 crores ($311,000) from sales tax defaulter SKN Associates. Swamy had earlier petitioned on January 28, 2016, to former LG Najeeb Jung for Sanction for Prosecuting the CM and Deputy CM alleging abuse of power by accepting funds from sales tax defaulter firm.

Swamy alleged that when Kejriwal became first chief minister in December 2013, he and his Finance Minister Manish Sisodia started “milking” money from the sales tax defaulters by abusing power.

Swamy’s swift action came a day after Kejriwal was facing allegations from his colleague for accepting Rs.2 crores ($311,000) cash from Cabinet colleague Satyendra Jain. Putting the blame on the former LG Jung, Swamy said in his letter to LG Anil Baijal that Supreme Court has already ordered that petitions for Sanction for Prosecution have to be decided within three months.

“Needless for me to say that under the Supreme Court Judgment, this decision of granting or denying Sanction is a call of the Lt. Governor, and no one else but the Lt. Governor; and the decision has to be based on the material that I have supplied to you in my application, without any further input or verification of the facts. This is the law laid down by the Supreme Court,” said Swamy citing the landmark judgment Subramanian Swamy Vs Manmohan Singh.

In his petition, Swamy has provided documents that the SKN Associates caught for donating four cheques of Rs.50 lakhs ($78,000) each to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). That time SKN Associates was declared as a tax defaulter and the money was paid through their shell companies. Swamy alleged that when Kejriwal became the first chief minister in December 2013, he and his Finance Minister Manish Sisodia started “milking” money from the sales tax defaulters by abusing power. BJP leader pointed out that this is a clear violation of the Prevention of Corruption Act and abuse of power.

SKN Associates gave payments to AAP through their non-operating shell companies like Goldmine Buildcon Pvt Ltd, Skyline Metals and Alloy Pvt Ltd, Infolance Software Solutions Ltd and Sunvision Agencies Pvt Ltd. All these four shell companies of SKN Associates paid Rs.50 lakh each and at midnight, according to the party website. After this incident, AAP had withdrawn all details from their website.

Swamy in his reminder petition to LG Anil Baijal said that the former LG Najeeb did not take any action despite several oral reminders. At one point Swamy alleged Jung and Kejriwal were playing a staged drama scripted by Sonia Gandhi’s Political Secretary Ahmed Patel.

Subramanian Swamy’s reminder petition for Sanction for Prosecution and the original petition is published below:

Subramanian Swamy's Petition to LG for Sanction for Prosecution Against Kejriwal and Sisidia May 8, 2017 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. Just to prevent Kejriwal/AAP from filling up the political vacuum that would be created around 2019 Swamy being a hired gun for Modi/RSS is going after Kejriwal on small ticket scams leaving other big fishes to his party to compromise and conveniently looking the other way . This is because by 2019 people would be fed up of empty talks of Modi Govt(not fulfilling even 10% of its promises esp on big ticket scams because they themselves are partners in all scams during UPA or lack spine/will due to fear of their own dirty backyard)

      • Even Modi claims corruption free governance (na kaane doonga..jibe) but is yet appoint Lokpal, CVC posts appointments are dubious ,almost all big ticket scams stalled till date including Swamy’s own expose of foreign bank accounts of several key people so far.opposed Lokayukta in Gujarat when he was state CM, when his name figured in Birla Sahara diaries of takin money from corporates very swiftly diaries were ordered as no valid pieces of evidence…)..So why bombard Kejriwal alone?

        • why are you scared of Swami. If Kejri hasnt done any wrong, he’ll come out victorious which will raise his profile for 2019. But if he is proven to be a crook (which seems very likely, given all that Kapil Mishra is saying) he’ll have to go to jail. Mind you he’ll be in jail anyways by then if not for this case certainly for hurling false accusations at Mr Jaitley

          • Scared ? lol. Swamy is a just a saffron agenda noise-maker,political hedge fund manager for BJP and why on earth should i be. I would rather be happy if he really achieves anything meaningful in courts without wasting anymore taxpayers money,courts time. So far his past record shows he is a big time guzzler of precious courts time as well a valuable RS membership (btw this is ok given so many such types are out there ) . His lone achievement that he can speak of till date is only for cancellation of 2G licenses even which is not entirely due to him but for hard work of SC judges like Sinhvi,Ganguly etc ,whistleblowers and his actual contribution is less compared to Judges etc. He is unnecessarily being hyped by RSS folks to push their agenda..If your Swamy does anything useful for this country rather than his twitter/socal media darbar noise/,concoctions/parallel unofficial BJP instigations,exaggerations,confabulations etc i would be first person to be happy..

    • The real courge for Kejari would be to resign chief ministership and vidhan sabha membership and fight election against Kapil Mishra


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