Swamy’s succinct speech on India, Pakistan and the way forward

Pakistan lacks an identity and needs to rein in its terror elements or risk splitting into several parts

Pakistan needs to rein in its terror elements or risk splitting into several parts
Pakistan needs to rein in its terror elements or risk splitting into several parts

In a wide ranging speech of close to an hour, Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy spoke on India and Pakistan – Nature and Prospects and started from the time of getting independence to the current situation and into the future. The video can be accessed here.

Nature/ Background

  1. The Parliament in United Kingdom enacted the Indian Independence Act, 1947. This was enacted on 18th July 1947, with both India and Pakistan to be formed on August 15, 1947. But before this, on April 11, 1947, the British objective was to create a Muslim governed state, viz. Pakistan and a Hindu governed state, the continuing state of India.

  2. The two countries were to come to existence by June 1948. B R Ambedkar, the chief architect of India’s Constitution proposed a population exchange in an orderly fashion.

  3. But Mountbatten, fresh from South East War theater, advanced it to August 15, 1947. Thus there was no time to even consider a transfer of population. Why?

    1. On Dec 26, 1946, Nehru informed Clement Attlee that Soviet Union had Subhas Chandra Bose in their custody. At around the same time, The Congress Party was to elect their President who would have become the presumptive Prime Minister. Gandhi conducted a poll of the PCC Presidents and found that they favored Patel as the Prime Minister by a majority of 15-1. But Gandhi prevailed over Patel because Nehru told him that he could not work under anyone.

    2. The British were conducting trials of Bose’s Indian National Army (INA) soldiers. Armed forces were in rebellion in various places in India and the British decided to leave India by June 1948.

    3. Mountbatten feared that if Bose were to return to India, the British would lose all influence over India. Hence he advanced the date to August 15, 1947.

  4. Relations between India and Pakistan is convoluted and hence the cause of much strife is because our national identities have become fudged.

  5. A Hindu India has lived in peace with Parsis, Jews, Jains and Buddhists for thousands of years.

  6. While Nehru declared India a secular country, the Constitution in force since 1950, did not say so. Mrs. Indira Gandhi added the word secular in the Constitution during the Emergency period, in 1976.

  7. Therefore, is the conflict between India and Pakistan a religion vs religion or secularism vs religion?

  8. The terrorists attacking India are all Muslims and they invoke the Koran. Their supporters in India are too and say that they will fight a Hindu India, not a Secular India.

  9. Dr. Swamy added that from his personal experience, a large number of India’s Muslims want to be in India and not Pakistan.

  10. The ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban refer to India as an unfinished chapter of Islam.

  11. Wherever the Muslims are in majority in India, the Hindus are in trouble. Is this Darul Islam?

  12. Hence, a growing Hindu consolidated polity is good because it destroys caste affinity. Seculars want Hindus divided and Muslims united.

  13. Prospects of Relations

  14. India’s confusion in dealing with Pakistan is: Does Pakistan want even now slices of Indian territory by war, or Does Pakistan want to set India on fire to radicalize Muslims to accept the Caliphate concept?

  15. India will never concede any territory. India is ready for war. India split Pakistan into two after four wars. India will split Pakistan into four the next time.

  16. If war, then India needs to devote its attention to social engineering so as to create inter-faith unity over the national integrity.

  17. For the above to be achieved, all of India must consider itself as one, belonging to Hindustan.

The final question – Is War inevitable with Pakistan or can the problems be settled by dialogue?


  1. War is inevitable if Pakistan does not contain its home trained terrorists. India is ready for them.

  2. Dialogue to settle terror questions is not possible since Pakistan’s Civil society at present is impotent.

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  1. I know it’s a BIZZARE thought but just putting it out there: I think India should strike a deal with China. It’s best if we support CPEC instead of opposing it at the exchange of getting most of Gilgit Baltistan and giving away some part of it for China to use and making China forcibly back off Kashmir. What CPEC will do is contain the cultural corrosion of Pak and China will impose their strict atheism over a fanatic nation. With China’s CPEC tearing through the nation it’s going to be a Chinese colony, which is much better than the idiotic, ill-tempered, low IQ nation that we have to deal with. Also the question of Balochistan, there can be some respite given to them once Pak dies a natural death but I think we should learn from Bangladesh, another Islamic country will form an alliance eventually with their Muslim brotherhood clan over India.

  2. There is a time and a place for everything. When nothing works, war becomes inevitable. In ancient times even women were well trained and participated. Examples being kshatriya ladies like Sita, Draupadi, Kaikeyi and in later years Rani Laxmibai and her army. Villagers distort such history and label them ‘abala nari’ who just waited in tears for their men to do the job. In reality they fought including psychological warfare and were advisors too example Manthara and Draupadi who always supported and advised. They were not only homemakers and mothers of their children. That sort of thing started happening when men deteriorated to the level of devil and society was forced to change.

  3. Dr.Swamy has well done by highlighting the atrocities of our neighbour country.Our neighb our is jealous of India. It is high time India should teach a good lesson to Pakistan.We have tolerated their stupidity for a long time.Our ex Defence Minister has correctly said that we should have acted after the Pathankot Airbase strike by Pak sponsored Terrorists.

  4. YES.Dr Swamy has clearly elucidated the ground realities… there can be NO running away from facts..To live in peace we need to take this scourge head on…we all only need to fear..fear itself… Well spoken Dr Swamy..??

  5. Indeed a brilliant synopsis of his speech at New York university. Would love to hear it on you tube at the earliest, Please. Thanks for the update.

  6. War is only inevitable if India proceeds in its course of cozying up with western powers and being their puppet. Whatever the history recounted in this article, the fact of the matter is that Pakistan is our neighbour. If we want to buttress our arguments with history, then we need to take Gandhi’s viewpoint into consideration. He, at all times, advocated Hindu-Muslim amity. I personally recommend that path. We have managed somehow these 60 years; it would be a shame to waste all that effort and turn to violent ways to settle disputes. Inspite of all the sabre rattling being done by the armchair warriors, India cannot afford to go to war—the psychological cost of such action on us will be as terrible as the losses that we will suffer by sacrificing our young people to political bumbling and profiteering. I want the children of my country to see the adults speak responsibly and in words of peace. We are a peaceful nation; India is the role model for the countries of the world for we attained our freedom largely through peaceful means. We will not go to war just to satisfy the egos of so-called patriots and the western powers that are waiting all around us to make good for themselves. War to them is incredible profit and to us it will lead to impoverishment. In the words of a famous song:
    War, it’s got one friend
    That’s the undertaker
    War, has shattered
    Many a young man’s dreams
    Made him disabled, bitter and mean
    Life is much to short and precious
    To spend fighting wars these days
    War can’t give life
    It can only take it away

    War, what is it good for
    Absolutely nothing

    • You can quote Gandhi because you are not a victim of love jihad.
      You can advocate Gandhian principles because your festival are not disrupted by Jihadis.
      You can talk of peace because you are not living in a refugee camp like Kashmiri Pandits.
      A subservient existence is no existence, we need to follow Israel and go to war with Pakistan. Certain people are a problem every where. They have been a problem from the very beginning. If the rest of mankind is to exist then these people must be eliminated.
      Jai Hind. Jai Bhavan.

    • Mam with all respect ,nobody is advocating a case for war here, the speech is like u said is stating facts, history is a great teacher for those who adapt,europe is an example . Nobody loves peace more than the soldiers fighting the war .. talk to one if you doubt this . Deft diplomacy, policy are only useful if you have every option on the table that’s what this speech is about. 60 years is a long time to reconfirm that our policies have had no effect other than giving the other to choose a his way of war. I would not say more for I may be regarded as a war monger in your eyes but u need to consider 65394 casualties of not having a war.

    • am sorry to say this, but u don’t seem to have read history. during the muslim era, the hindu annihilation/carnage far outnumbered any other race ever [atleast 10 time more than jews during Nazi days]. Gandhi ji was the biggest hypocrite v know. Dr. Swamy informed u that he prevailed over Sardar Patel, to give PM’s chair to Nehru, against democratic election of patel. he used to travel 3rd class, which bogey would be blocked by congress volunteers, so that common public could not enter the same.

      who told u that muslims and hindus can live in peace.?
      muslims have not been able to tolerate any other religion.
      pl read mark steyn, ali sina and other researchers who have studied the islamist’s ways.

      ur family members were not forced to become refugees in their own country. what atrocities were forced on kashmiri pandits, u don’t even know. that’s why, u advocate peaceful co-existence. who do u think the Indian state is fighting in Kashmir. Pakistan…?

      nonsense… Indian state is fighting against the wahabi-salafi islamists, for whom Kashmir valley is a Darul-Islam. otherwise residents of POK want to come to Indian Kashmir. why Indian kashmiris want to get freedom from India? they don’t get freedom from Hindu-India.

      it is absurdity and insensitivity on part of any Patriotic Indian, if Peace is advocated by him/her in relation to Pakistan. Pakistan can’t let Indians live in peace. They have to be dismembered and weakened, if India has to live in Peace. Pl spare the JNU/Leftist gyan.

      v have seen peace and talks for so long. for the first time India has a decisive and Patriotic Govt, and it is time to dismember Pakistan. otherwise, our future History will never forgive us.

    • Reread what DrSwamy has said patiently without anger and then think what exactly he said.If you can do that probably you will understand the message between the lines.Pakistan has been using low intensity non state actors setting them up for terrorist acts.The 2008 act at Mumbai alone would have brought war in any other country with a sense of shame but not India.We are a nation of weaklings and corrupt who can be arm twisted by any 2 bit paki, even a major terrorist attack in mumbai with clear evidence of its origins from pakistan did not make us take up the cudgels.It is time we call the bluff of this rogue nation.That is what Drswamy has done.

    • We really ‘managed’ to stitch the social fabric by doling out the concessions, privileges and appeasement all these 60 years and still now some think that without them ‘at peace’, we are the loosers ?
      Gandhi agreed to 2 nation theory based on religion and allowed Nehru all the favourism he needed to go against this theory of partition ? What was the need of ‘non-aligned’ theory and not to allow people the time required for peaceful transition to their choice of land ?

  7. Pakistan is a cancer to India. Its Army is man eater and has taste of blood since 45 years of Army rule over Pakistan and breeders of terrorist to use against India to bleed, being jealous neighbour. They lost Bangladesh and their 90,000 army surrendered, which is a history in the world. Present army chief was also POW in India now will loose Baluchistan. Democracy is just like a puppet , World must impose sanctions against Pakistan Army since Pakistan is breeder, protector of Terrorist, Osama Bin Laden the most wanted man in the world, was given safe protected space at the gate of Pakistan biggest cantonment. bark because China support them for his vested interest. Now so called any Pakistani bold Journalist ever dare to talk against corrupt, bloody army Generals.

  8. Dr. Swamy as always is brilliant.
    the video of his speech is likely to be a mega hit on the Youtube, as and when it gets uploaded.
    Indian Muslims apparently want a Democratic India and by and large r not in favour of Darul-Islam.

    but Indian Polity must b ready with an appropriate response, if India is treated as a Darul-Herb by the Islamists/extremists/Pakistan supported Terrorists

  9. Good to see the points of the speech. Request you to upload the Youtube link of the speech. As usual Dr. Swamy is clear in his objective and actions to be taken


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