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#WeekdayNewsCapsule Episode 37 US Elections, Covid vaccine, G20 and more

  Sree Iyer: Hello and welcome to PGurus Channel, this is your host  Sree Iyer and we are with weekday news capsule for today with...

Israel Embassy to have ‘Water Attache’ in India from January

Strengthening its ties with India and sharing of its technologies, Israel Embassy in Delhi will have a separate 'Water Attache' from January 2021 to...

Learn From Israel

Some facts about Israel 1. Israel has a population of 86,80,000 which is slightly more than that of suburban Mumbai. 2. Area of Israel is 22,072...

The Five Cancers of Pakistan

Five cancers are now endemic to Pakistan with no solution When we think of Pakistan the pictures which come to mind are its economy, nuclear...
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