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Jaitley is an honorable man

If everything is so hunky dory as claimed by Jaitley, why is the government finding it hard to meet the fiscal deficit figure? Why...

Case for Modi 2.0

There's a growing realization that PM Modi needs another term in support of his long-term agenda. This piece offers a unique view of why...

What has Modi given to Indians in the preceding 4 years?

Modi has given optimism, enterprise and resilience to Indians through his 3 disruptive reforming measures namely, Demonetization, GST and IBC. What has Modi given to...

Past and present: Links the Congress must not forget

Among the pet subjects the Congress has used to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi is his Government’s decision on demonetisation Senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh’s...

Gumption of PM Modi

Whatever one may say about Prime Minister Narendra Modi, one can’t accuse him of lacking gumption Prime Minister Narendra Modi's gumption was on full display...

दो साल का आखरी मौका: मोदी चाहे तो अब भी बन...

मोदी के कार्यालय में दो साल से थोड़ा कम समय बचा है लेकिन वे अब भी अद्भुत कार्य कर सकते हैं और इतिहास में...

Modi Sarkar Running On Set Priorities

Modi seems to be working on his priorities very well It's been three and a half years since Modi Sarkar came into power,...

News From The Week – Demonetisation Winning The Battle

This post is a reproduction of the news release from the Prime Minister's Office of India. Demonetisation Winning The Battle Against Corruption, Taking India Towards...

तब मौनमोहन अब मनमोहन!

तब मौनमोहन अब मनमोहन!

Manmohan Singh – then reticent, now virulent?

Manmohan Singh -> Then reticent, now virulent?


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