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The Good must organize

Homes of Hindus in the US are being attacked by Khalistanis. For any Civilisation to be possible, a man needs to be safe in his...

It is the Regulations, stupid!

India spends 14% of its GDP on logistics. The figure is below 8% for most of the developed economies including China. No, no it...

Uniform civil code and Constituent Assembly debates

A section continues to block the idea of a uniform civil code, but more to promote its vested interests than to protect the rights...

The tyranny of Minor Minerals

The government types know how desperate the government always remains for revenues. Bright minds earn prizes, ACRs, post-retirement sine curves for suggesting measures to...

CCD and the accusations

For long, businessmen have been getting away with malpractices, only after Modi govt. came that tightening of the noose has started VG Siddhartha, the founder...

Tackling Naxalism- The Road Ahead

Naxalism is too strong a medicine to administer to a society suffering from poverty. Yet, it is cheap & readily available; so was in...

We are in a Democracy, Vote Matters !!!

In Democracy you ask vote & win elections with FOLDED HANDS!!! Those who voted for Shri. Narendra Modi in 2014 with great expectation did not...

Is Jaitley desperate to regain Finance?

In a bid to prove that he is fit enough to take charge, Jaitley has furiously taken to blogging Union Minister Arun Jaitley is trying...

Banking: When you avoid the straight and narrow path

PSBs trigger twin balance-sheet fiascoes: imprudently decided projects going down, taking the lending banks with them The shortest distance between two points is a straight...

Government to clear Justice K.M. Joseph’s elevation

The government has decided to accept the elevation of Uttarakhand High Court Chief Justice K.M. Joseph to the Supreme Court. The SC collegium had recommended...


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