The Good must organize

Demonstrations in front of a famous Indian American and the response is priceless

The Good must organize
The Good must organize

Homes of Hindus in the US are being attacked by Khalistanis.

For any Civilisation to be possible, a man needs to be safe in his home, and be able to safely travel to work, be safe at work and keep his product and dispose of as he pleases.

To achieve this purpose, governments are instituted among men. The primary function of a government is to ensure its own monopoly on violence at all times.

But the government can not be everywhere. And this is what is taken advantage of by the subversives, by the evil, by the diseased in mind. They spot the first spark of the resistance and extinguish it.

That is why it is most important for the good men to organise. A gang of five dacoits is able to terrorise a village of 5000 because the dacoits are organised, and the village is not.

Evil people know all of the above. That is why they work to disable the state by making their violence look like the resistance of the oppressed, and making sure that the good people never organise by sowing dissensions.

So, what to do?

The answer is that the statement of a problem always contains its solution also. Even in mathematics.

Please see the video below:

1. Demonstrations in front of a famous Indian American and the response is priceless


2. Stand with India cars rally in the bay area. Despite the Khalistani threat, 1000 cars participated in the rally. Jai Hind.

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  1. Vote with your money.

    Why do you spend so much $$$$ at places that are not with you?

    Is mehendi artists really in such short supply that you can’t give the work to a supporter?

    We need to pay attention at how and where and to whom we give our money.


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