We are in a Democracy, Vote Matters !!!

The nation is supreme and lives forever !!!

We are in a Democracy, Vote Matters !!!
We are in a Democracy, Vote Matters !!!

In Democracy you ask vote & win elections with FOLDED HANDS!!!

Those who voted for Shri. Narendra Modi in 2014 with great expectation did not anticipate just lip service from his government, but serious action. However, in Kashmir, the BJP was a mute spectator to the systematic way in which the PDP was giving encouragement to pro-Pakistan elements by its permissive policies…

The so-called Modi Supporters are doing more damage to BJP’s vote bank by branding the earlier core voter, as Traitors, Anti Hindu, Anti-National and more

BJP compromised on National interest to clinch to Power. Now in the bargain has lost credibility among masses.

The core voters support base is giving him a message; jail the VVIP corrupt, Build Magnificent Shri Ram Mandir at Ayodhya, legislate Uniform Civil Code, abrogate Article 370 and improve Economy

The Support Base for BJP has numerous State elections after 2014 and given it a decisive victory with few hiccups.

Four years has completed and now you get into slog overs. It’s time for report card; overall the Govt performance is satisfactory, much more desired to have been done, given the Majority Mandate after 1984 for a single Party, a lot more was expected. The victory march is going on and now we are again at the doorstep of General Election within 10 months. The BJP Modi Govt General performance on a scale of 10 it’s only achieved 5.5.

There are bound to be disenchanted among its Core Voter Supporters base on the Government’s poor performance on Fight against Corruption, Hindutva agenda & Economy Front … and they have all the right to do so.

The so-called Modi Supporters are doing more damage to BJP’s vote bank by branding the earlier core voter, as TraitorsAnti Hindu, Anti-National and more. There is a word of war among the BJP sympathizers, which is instigated from the opposition camp with infiltrators, paid Social Media Management.

BJP should discard its self-pride and has to work hard to regain the confidence of disinterested core voters.

These very people who voted for BJP/Modi in 2014, had some reservation on Shri. Modi’s working style, they had slogged in 2014 for BJP/Modi’s win. Now when they oppose Modi on Policy matters, they are branded as the backstabber, Congress agent and more. This is the new mantra for few so-called… dis-oriented supporters.

The Core Supporter voted in 2014, now they want them to vote for BJP/Modi once again blindly, is this the way Democracy should function. Voters who helped Modi/BJP win 2014 are suddenly branded as Anti-Modi only because they are questioning policies & fulfilment of commitment. Many past regime corruption cases are buried, their stooges are rewarded, can’t it be questioned. Can’t the wrongdoing of the Govt be questioned?

Stop asking any questions and digest whatever is happening around, good or bad.

Blind support is dangerous and might backfire. Caution is the word, in Democracy, will of the people matters.

These Few supporters in BJP have taken high moral ground to call themselves only official supporters of Modi, BJP & Flagbearer of the cause. They are damaging and hurting the BJP Modi image. The so-called follower who are creating more problems by alienating these earlier supporters by calling them names, abusing should themselves retrospect, rather spreading false messages …

The messages doing the rounds are, that there is No option, Dharma in trouble, Muslim Minority appeasement will start, Corrupt will come back to power etc. Agreed but the contention is what was Govt doing in last 4 years in power walking a middle path to secret closed door deals?

The Government should be praised in a certain area of good work and in a same way face criticism when it defaults. There is no question of maligning Government and Shri.Modi, anyone doing so should be condemned.

Few Points to take a note :

·     The fear among the core voter who brought BJP Modi to power in 2014 is they might          again give power to those unelectable in 2019 by default. The VVIP Corrupt of past          regime will go unpunished and Hindutva commitment is put on the back-burner.

·     No roadmap to fulfil the commitment to core support base?

·     It’s Democracy you can’t expect blind support

·     Time to respect your core supporters & don’t take them for granted!!!

·     Don’t force anyone,  it might backfire

BJP should discard its self-pride and has to work hard to regain the confidence of disinterested core voters. Just abusing section of voters for their behaviour and outburst against Govt Policies, will not help, VOTERS are King Makers.

In Democracy you ask vote & win elections with FOLDED HANDS!!! If you want to win election show respect to voters especially bench sitters, core supporters who are upset, reach out to them; that’s success mantra.

Spit your ego and move forward, take everyone along.

In Democracy during the election you are bound to face brickbat, it’s for your un-kept promises & commitment, lapses etc. Acknowledge mistake & avoid confrontation. It’s election, not Wrestling Ring!!!

There is always a choice. Personality will come and go. Events happening shapes up the destiny.

The nation is supreme and lives forever !!!
Believe in Nation First, India First …

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Natraj Shetty


  1. The Modi & Shah duo, with the help of Adhia, was very successful in alienating the core support of BJP among salaried, SME, Professional middle class with their foolish acts of demonetisation, under cooked GST, no IT sops to salaried, abolishing Capital Gain exemption on shares etc to name a few brainless policies.Does Sree Iyer still feel that AJ is the root cause or he is only an instrument? Modi made a blunder by not appointing Lokpal and by appointing a dubious CVC. He followed Congress in misusing CBI, ED, IT etc.

  2. Even though the expectations are so high from the present NDA government, it is also true that the repairing of the wrong done during the last six decades may take its own time! Even though the performance of the government during the last four years are far superior than the previous Congi Governments, the major reforms in respect of booking corrupt politicians, bringing black money from the tax heavens, improving farmers confidence, etc needs considerable improvement before the next election.

    The BJP as a political party have to work unitedly to take up the unholy united opposition ( some of them from Former NDA allies) in the next Parliament election! A superior strategy, magnanimous accommodation of Reliable NDA allies, building of confidence level at the booth cadres along with its allies in each and every level , in controlling the violent party cadres in their utterances particularly the matters affecting the nation and the unity of India ,etc should be strengthened with mutual consent of the leaders of reliable allies at constant intervals!


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