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Your mental health should be your priority: Here’s why

Building better mental health is the need of the hour Mental health is not a destination but a process. It is about how you drive,...

Five point framework to attain Strategic Independence

Never let a good crisis go to waste ……Winston Churchill   Its time for India to attain Strategic Independence 2020 has been eventful – the Chinese virus, border...

Prayers at Chilkur Balaji Temple for Dalai Lama’s Recovery

Chilkur Balaji Temple has a special relationship with Dalai Lama because he was one of the very few Religious leaders who congratulated the Archaka...

Your Health On Sale

The population of the world acquired diseases like obesity, cholesterol, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia etc. The reason? Excess sugar and carb consumption! Our bodies have been...

Swachh Bharat lacks both infrastructure and Swachh mind-set

The Swachh project at its outset suffers from certain flaws An undated photo of Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh urinating on the side of a...

World Yoga Day

Yoga has in recent connotations been associated with incredible health benefits The practice of yoga has swept the world with an enthusiasm never...


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