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India urgently needs to come to terms with Global Kurukshetra, the...

Rajiv Malhotra Ji gave a Webinar on Feb 2nd, 2020 on 'Breaking India' topic. This article is to highlight the points raised by Rajiv-Ji...

Christian missionary predators of Mizoram — and Noida!

This is precisely what has been happening in Mizoram since the time it was colonized by the Christian Mission. In this video, Deepanshu Sangwan, the...

Dharma needs to evolve – will it?

There is, and will always be, stratification along with various criterion in each society, but religion does not have to be a party to...

6 Famous International Physicists who were influenced by Hindu Dharma

The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed...

Swami Paramatmananda explains Sanatana Dharma as the Supreme Truth

Youtube link - Dailymotion link -

Dr. Swamy speech in Trinidad on National Identity and the Vedas

Youtube link - Dailymotion link -

Padma Bhushan awardee V P Dhananjayan on why he is a...

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Is Andhra Government robbing Ram to pay Robert and Rahim?

Andhra government is controlling temples, looting them and also in some cases diverting the funds for the welfare of other religions. Andra Pradesh government under...

Indianisation of education is a must, can’t continue with colonial mindset:...

Need to scrap colonial history & mindset, Naidu urges people Speaking at a college campus in North Goa, Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday...
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