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Ostracize “Casteism” and celebrate unity of diversity

2020 Indian American Attitudes Survey A recent report based on a survey of 1200 Indian Americans (IA), titled, “2020 Indian American Attitudes Survey (IAAS),” is...

Breaking down the Carnegie Endowment’s 2020 Indian American Survey

Carnegie Endowment report - Much to appreciate but still questionable Earlier this week, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace released a survey on Indian Americans,...

Sattology: A Case for Hindu American Community

The previous parts of the series can be accessed here. Often times nowadays in the USA, we hear the political terms such as #GreenNewDeal, Leftist...

Invest in education in India, Frank Islam tells fellow Indian-Americans

PerformanceGurus Staff Washington, Oct 12 Entrepreneur and philanthropist Frank Islam would like fellow Indian-Americans to make a strategic investment in education in India as it...
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