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The Minimum Wage fraud again

Leftists and their ideology on wage No, dear world, Mukesh Ambani doesn't sleep on his millions. Joe Biden says he will raise the minimum wage to...

Beware of the Leftists bearing mobs as the gifts

Obama a Leftist and believed its lies Barack Obama believed Leftist lies. He was a Leftist himself and sincerely believed its lies. After the 9/11...

Kejriwal and the art of conning by the Left

Dubious act of Left controlled unions for the shutdown of textile mills in India There are carcasses of textile mills scattered all over India, from...

The re-animalisation of man

It is said that a calf can locate its mother among a herd of thousands. Mother. Not a father. Because it doesn't even know...

Anti-CAA elements are reading the wrong Preamble to the Constitution

Socialism is a cantankerous word because there can never be democracy in a socialistic society. Socialism itself is a failed and irrelevant ideology. As part...

Are Farmers the new trade unions?

Recently, a survey team that had gone to a spot called their Headquarters to say that the villagers had come and stopped the survey....

Bamboo bats: A game changer for Northeast

Two reports in Times of India prompted me to write this piece. Bamboo bats The first report appeared on May 11, 2021, in the Times of...
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