Kejriwal and the art of conning by the Left

How Left forced India’s textile industry to close and when it moved to Bangladesh, mock India for the same

How Left forced India’s textile industry to close and when it moved to Bangladesh, mock India for the same
How Left forced India’s textile industry to close and when it moved to Bangladesh, mock India for the same

Dubious act of Left controlled unions for the shutdown of textile mills in India

There are carcasses of textile mills scattered all over India, from small obscure towns to the heart of Mumbai. All shutdown by the Left controlled unions.

Later, environmentalists also joined in the fun and led by The Supreme Court, shut down the remaining units.

Someone’s loss is someone’s gain

The textile mills fled to Bangladesh. That is the entrepreneurship, machines, know-how, and the Capital. Bangladesh became a textile giant of the world and has just got ahead of India in per capita GDP.

And guess what? Leftists are leading the mob that is mocking and jeering India on this going down to Bangladesh.

That is the venality of the Left. That is the absence of a moral compass in their brains. They will destroy your life, and then mock you for it, and will blame you and the Capitalist they chased away for your condition.

If you go to a police station to complain about some cheating of you, some swindle you suffered, some con job on you, some scam you were a victim of, you will encounter a special kind of contempt for you in the policemen’s attitude.

Because, from their experience, policemen learn that almost all the con jobs are made possible by some greed in the victim.

Leftists succeed in destroying our lives because of our own greed and dishonesty. And that is why they instead of feeling guilty, mock us. They know they have conned the greedy.

Kejriwal no different

And that is also the secret of a permanent smirk on the face of Arvind Kejriwal and AAP leaders. Even they are in disbelief as to how easily they conned such a large number.

Beware of the Leftist! They will destroy your life, and then mock you, and will blame you, they succeed in destroying your lives because of your own greed and dishonesty.

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  1. Bangladesh has 20 million illegals inside India. How does this effect their per capita income? If India returns them to Bangladesh then that per cap declines.

  2. I am surprised that no commentator or analyst has pointed out the obvious: in the couple of years leading to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls the Congress was seen as collapsing too fast both in India and abroad. In normal times all big countries develop and maintain deep assets spread across political pares, the bureaucracy, the armed forces and the fourth estate in other big or important countries. These assets are built so as to be retuned with normal political changes. If there is a discontinuous change in the form of the rapid collapse of a major political entity there is a panic driven need to create new deep assets in the short duration. AAP is America’s effort to manage the discontinuous change of. Congress collapse with its capacity for big investment. As everything one does selfom goes by the script the Americans ended up creating this monstrosity called AAP. Indian democracy is capable of taking this in its stride and move on. But the real danger is now elsewhere. The US Deep State in collision with Church and individual Jewish tycoon interests has successfully bought the far left and Islamist groups in parts of the world as ready to mobilise foot soldiers. In India it has also massively invested in local ‘liberals’ and fortified it’s own creations like the AAP, the Khalistanis and the Church groups. Sometimes the ring masters of these new soldiers have to demonstrate how quickly they can mobilise in order to justify more funding. This they do with Palgars, Shaheen Baghs and the present ‘farmers’ protest. Unless we strengthen our sense of nationalism and make ourselves economically and militarily strong they will always manipulate us. Phenomena like AAP are merely their temporary instruments


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