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26/11 anniversary badly exposed some of our so-called professionals

Kasab proved to be colossal time-wasting and also landed us in huge legal and biryani expenses---another outcome of being unprofessional. And of being a “soft State”...

United States promises $5 Million reward for leads on 26/11 attackers

RFJ has announced the reward of $5 Million for any information or leads which would help arrest the individual who was directly or indirectly...

US ready to help bring Mumbai attackers to justice

Washington, Dec 12 Reiterating that it wants the perpetrators of the November 2008 Mumbai terror attack brought to justice, the US has offered to do...

India’s baffling conditional pardon and deal with David Headley

Chicago, Dec 12 Considering that any intelligence that David Coleman Headley might supply India will necessarily be exponentially dated, it is hard to make sense...




The Hindu State: The doctrine and deterrence for the future - Part 1

The Hindu State: The doctrine and deterrence for the future – Part 1

Prologue: The year 2020, contrary to the large belief that the Nation was expected to achieve its goal of a developed country as envisioned by...
Buy Gold and promote Digital currency for transparency - China is using these two tactics to dislodge the US Dollar. What about India? How should it react? Important pointers.video

Prof M D Nalapat on China’s secret plan to unseat the US Dollar

Read Prof M D Nalapat article at - India Dream calls for ReMo 2020 under PM Modi

Stay Home, Stay Safe! advises Bengaluru Police to its residents

These are testing times. With no end in sight, the city – nay the country or even the world has come to a grinding...