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A Theatrical Story of Congress

A Theatrical Story of Congress

Hindu-Muslim Amity: Need For Initiatives By Moderates

Hindus and Muslims who lived together in India for centuries should be able to resolve the issues between them There is an increasing divide...

How Japan unleashed their battle against radical Islamic terrorism

Japan solves the problem Although Islam is known as the fastest growing religion in most of the world, Japan is one of the few countries...

Pinarayi Vijayan ko gussa kyun aata hai?

The trend shows that Hindus are fast becoming minorities in Kerala The hypocrisy and double standard of the CPI-M led Kerala Government which...




The WHO, which is an independent body under the aegis of the United Nations, bought China’s stories of virus outbreak lock, stock, and barrel.

Corona Virus: Answers that China and WHO must give

China eventually acknowledged the crisis and permitted an advance team from the WHO to enter the country in mid-February. Once the world emerges from the...
Thanks to SM and Video enabled Smartphones, the hypocrisy of the Left-Liberal nexus stands exposed

Sheer hypocrisy of Liberals & Left exposed

Outrage creation on UP’s mass sanitizer spraying collapses when the same method found opted in Kerala too The self-claimed Liberals and Left are frequently called...
Centre cracks the whip - two officers of the Delhi state administration issued SCN and two suspended

Centre suspends Delhi State Transport Secretary for illegally plying buses to transport migrant labour...

Rapping the knuckles of the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi State Government, Centre on Sunday suspended the Transport Secretary Renu Sharma IAS for plying buses to...