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U.S. drone strike civilian casualties under-stated?

U.S. drone strike civilian casualties under-stated? Human rights groups are criticizing a recent White House report on the civilian deaths caused by U.S. drone strikes...

US Senate passes Puerto Rico debt relief bill

US Senate passes Puerto Rico debt relief bill The U.S. Senate on Wednesday approved legislation to help address Puerto Rico's 70-billion-U.S. dollar debt, just in...

US Budget spending to be around $4.1 trillion

Seeking spending plan of $4.1 trillion for the fiscal year 2017, US President Barack Obama on Tuesday laid out his final budget proposal. Obama's...

US investing big into Cyber security

(Washington ) Underlining the utmost importance of cyber security in the present digital era and growing risks from new technologies, a national action plan to strengthen...

Strong Obama-Modi relationship helped seal Paris deal

A "strong and productive relationship" between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Narendra Modi helped seal a historic deal at the Paris climate change...

US engages with tech companies to track terrorists: Obama

U S President Barack Obama said the federal government would work with high-tech companies to find better ways to track terrorists. "One of the things we'll...

Obama blasts Republicans for denying global warming

US President Barack Obama intensified his criticism of Republicans for refusing to admit global warming is occurring. "Keep in mind that right now, the American...

Obama names Indian-American to human trafficking advisory body

President Barack Obama has announced his intent to appoint Harold d'Souza, an Indian-American activist from Vadodara, to the United States Advisory Council on Human...

Obama calls for gun reforms as shooting leaves 14 dead

President Barack Obama repeated a call for gun controls reforms as another deadly mass shooting in Southern California left as many as 14 people...

A Turning Point in Syria?

PerformanceGurus Staff All the carnage and the refugee problem could have been avoided three years ago in this 4-year war in Syria.  The civil war...


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