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US becomes #2 supplier of imported crude for India replacing Saudi

The US has moved to #2 position in the importers list There is a number of topics and themes that we cover in our discussions...

Three suggestions for lowering fuel prices at the pump

The government is undoubtedly taking several steps to combat the price of petrol at the pump as well as to shore up the value...

Lower fuel prices result in economic benefits

Was originally published in The Sunday Guardian on February 15, 2016 It is the worst of times for the oil industry. The price of crude...

Crude Oil has become new catalyst for World economy

Nigerian government and other members of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) are putting unending efforts to achieve greater stability in the...

How low will Oil go?

The price of Crude oil and its steady descent has started a guessing game as to how low it will have to go. According...

Where is Oil price headed?

Silicon Valley Oil closed at $44.43 on Friday and has now become a hot topic for discussion. With President Obama voting down Keystone Proposal and...
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