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An insider’s account of Sheila Dikshit and Rahul Gandhi

There are interesting bits of information on both Sheila Dikshit and Rahul Gandhi from a Congress insider in the book, The Chinar Leaves: A...

RSS chief’s focus was pragmatic — Pranabda’s was idealistic

In contrast to Pranabda 's idealism, was the pragmatism of Mohan Bhagwat when he said, “Irrespective of our diversity, we have to know that...

Ram Nath Kovind addresses the nation after swearing in

The address to the nation by Ram Nath Kovind, immediately after he was sworn in as President of India was distinct and different in...

Parliamentary disruption and India’s competitiveness

India has a parliamentary form of democracy, the governance system consisting of the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. The fourth estate, namely the...

Sree Iyer on Pakistan’s role in Capt Amarinder Singh’s dismissal as...

Namaskar. How did Pakistan so blatantly pull off the re-capture of Afghanistan? Many who served in the US Army are seething at the perception...
World Bank Courts controversy. Again! Did the West fund its own decline?

World Bank Courts controversy

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