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Why caste does not matter?

Why it’s not a surprise that ignorant people like Arunan see the ministers in Modi's cabinet only by their caste! The title would sound like...

The Presidential address seems a superfluous exercise

The text of the Presidential address is quite long and has so many facts and figures. It simply cannot be expected to be written...

Ram Nath Kovind addresses the nation after swearing in

The address to the nation by Ram Nath Kovind, immediately after he was sworn in as President of India was distinct and different in...

BJP’s stunning volte face on Appeasement Politics

Mr Kovind’s foray into politics started as an aide to former Prime Minister Mr Morarji Desai and has represented the Central Government before the...




It is sad that Manmohan Singh, while demeaning his mentor, has not shown the courage to call a spade a spade.

For Manmohan Singh, Rao is past; Sonia Gandhi is the present

Manmohan Singh did not have the courage to take on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty’s interference in his government’s functioning from 2004-14. Thirty-five years after the incident,...
Who painted my money white is a Political thriller around events that happened in and around India during the period 2011-2017

Chapter 1 of Who painted my money white?

You have been thinking of buying my first book of fiction, Who painted my money white? But you have been putting it off because: You are...