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An in-depth conversation with Rajeev Srinivasan on the Foreign Policy of...

 Rajeev Srinivasan post in Swarajya - What Is The Foreign Affairs Angle To The Indian Elections?

In conversation with D K Hari and Hema Hari, who dated...

  Reference for D K Hari and Hema Hari video can be watched at - Rama Setu - An Engineering Marvel of 5076 BCE

India can’t sit motionless while China acts around it

It has happened far too many times to countries getting aid from China. What starts out as a long-term loan ends up becoming an...

TN fishermen issue – the truth of the matter

Even as Tamil Nadu (TN) government is making frequent complaints to the Centre about “repeated instances of abduction and apprehension of innocent Indian fishermen...

Pakistan offers space to Sri Lanka in economic zones

Colombo/ Islamabad Pakistan has offered to allocate space in its Special Economic Zones for Sri Lankan investors to promote bilateral trade between the two countries,...


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