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Central Eurasia: The Graveyard of Empires

One American General interviewed by CNN on January 3, 2016, said that the execution of a Shia cleric and 47 others allegedly guilty of...

Sweden to deport 22000 asylum seekers

Stockholm, Dec 4 Swedish police are looking to deport thousands of asylum seekers who have had their applications denied, Xinhua reported on Thursday. Around 22,000 migrants...

Defying Obama, US House votes to halt Syrian refugees

Defying President Barack Obama's veto threat, the US House easily passed a bill to halt the inflow of Syrian and Iraqi refugees until key...

Republicans intensify efforts to bar Syrian refugees

PerformanceGurus Staff Washington, Nov 18 Joining a growing list of Republican governors saying no to Syrian refugees after the deadly Paris terrorist attacks, Republican...

Firecrackers: Cannot infringe right to life of other citizens under guise...

SC on firecrackers ban: Prime focus is right to life of citizens Batting for the implementation of rules for green crackers, the Supreme Court on...
In Afghanistan, at present India can't accept the current edition of Taliban, the task ahead is to mold it to version & shape of our liking

India and the new Afghanistan

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