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Islamophobia Act and its far-reaching consequences

The previous part of the article can be accessed here. This is the second part. Combating International Islamophobia Act Let us begin with the name, “Combating...

Anti-India narrative while Modi lands in the United States

Anti-India nexus working to dismantle US-India alliance While Modi was in transit, the anti-India propaganda was underway vigorously. Today (September 22 in the U.S.) was...

Letter to IRF-RT: Reject Islamic propaganda against India

Dear Mr Greg Mitchell. Namaskar! Regarding the letter circulated by IRF-RT (International Religious Freedom Roundtable) campaign to collect signatures, propagated by Hindus for Human Rights and...

Growing number of anti-CAA Resolutions in many cities: The next steps

Some people blame the Democratic-leaning city councils for anti-CAA Resolution and perhaps there is some truth A tale of two Twin Cities since May has...

Why attacks on Hindus, Hinduism & Hindustan increased recently?

Why did the attacks and conspiracies against Hindus, Hinduism & Hindustan increase 100 fold in the last few months? Brainwashed largely in the name of...

Satya Dosapati on the Urgent lessons for India P2

Part 1 can be watched at - Satya Dosapati on the Delhi riots and urgent lessons for India P1

Anti-Hindu USCIRF: Sex, Crime, Bigotry In The Name Of Religious Freedom

Article was originally published in The Sunday Guardian and is reproduced here. USCIRF issued a statement that ‘if the CAB (now Act) passes in both...

Should minorities get impunity?

It will be possible only by not focusing on any specific religious group to either favour or punish. They should truly strive to establish...

In conversation with Hindu Activist Manga Anantatmula on why she feels...

2019 USCIRF Annual Report on India by PGurus on Scribd


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